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Study Guide Questions

Last updated March 10, 2009

Directions: Copy the questions from this Web page into a Word Window. Save the copied questions as a Word document (doc) naming it questions. Type in your answers into your Word document. Your instructor will select twenty of these questions and include them in your final exam.

  1. How do you start Word if you do not have a desktop shortcut icon for it?
  2. How can you quickly close Word using something at the top right hand corner of your screen?
  3. How can you close a Word document without closing the Word program?
  4. How do you size a Word window?
  5. When would you want to have a Word window and a browser window open at the same time?
  6. How can you create a shortcut on your Desktop to the Word program?
  7. How can you number the lines in a Word document?
  8. How do you turn on a toolbar?
  9. When would you want to use autotext?
  10. How can you insert tabs without using a menu?
  11. Give two reasons for selecting a paragraph
  12. How do you insert page numbers?
  13. What is a footer?
  14. How is a footer different from a header?
  15. How is a footer similar to a header?
  16. Why is it generally better spending most of your time working on a document in Normal rather than Print Layout?
  17. What are two ways to find a synonym for a word?
  18. In a document several screens long, how can you quickly find a word?
  19. If you wrote a long document only to discover that you used the wrong name several times, how could you correct this mistake?
  20. When do you right click?
  21. How can you insert a date in a document and have it updated every time you re-save the document?\
  22. How do you size a graphic?
  23. How can you copy a paragraph from your browser window into your Word window?
  24. If you two toolbars turned on and you only see one, what may be wrong and how can correct the problem?
  25. What shortcut combination will allow you to boldface text?
  26. How can you make a numbered list?
  27. Tell what WordArt is and then explain how to insert it in your document.
  28. When do you see a screen tip?
  29. How can you determine the Word version you have on your computer?
  30. What is the file extension that identifies a Word document?
  31. When would you use the Save As command instead of the Save command?
  32. What is the easiest way to save a file to your A drive?
  33. When you save a file to a diskette, how can you avoid seeing % in the file name?
  34. What does the show/hide button do?
  35. Why should you use CTRL+S often when working on a document?
  36. How can you change a page of text into two columns of text.
  37. How can you select a word by clicking on it? an entire line?
  38. How can you quickly switch among three opened Word documents?
  39. How can you insert a special character?
  40. How can you turn a Word document into a Web page document -- that is, a document that can uploaded to a webserver and be viewed by a browser?
  41. How can you put a border around a paragraph?
  42. What are four kinds of alignment?
  43. How can you size a window?
  44. Why would you size a window?
  45. What are the default margins of Word?
  46. How can you get a good idea what your document will look like printed before you actually print it?
  47. What are three different formats you can use in saving a Word document?
  48. How is cutting and pasting different from copying and pasting?
  49. If you accidentally deleted an entire paragraph, how can you get the paragraph back?
  50. If you were writing a report on Iraq, how could you quickly access information on Iraq without leaving your Word document?
  51. Name two common fonts.
  52. What is the default location of tab stops?
  53. What tab icon should be displayed if you are going to use right aligned tabs?
  54. Make a sketch showing what a hanging indent paragraph looks like.
  55. Draw sketches showing the difference between portrait and landscape page setup.
  56. What is the keyboard shortcut for inserting manual page breaks?
  57. How could you use Word to help in printing a screen shot of your document names on a diskette?
  58. Where can you find templates to help you write certain documents such as a fax, memos, publications?
  59. In a long Word document, how can you tell what page you are working on?
  60. How could you print only a certain section of your Word document instead of the entire document?

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