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1 Syllabus
Objectives of the course, including information on textbook and grading system.
2 Addendum to the Syllabus
Includes additional information especially applicable to the Seminole campus.
3 Homework
Gives homework for each of the four class sessions. The main homework will be doing Study Guide Questions that will help students prepare for the final exam.
4 Exercises
There are three sets of hands-on-exercises for students to do in class. The first set makes use of assignments in the textbook. The second and third set of exercises are were prepared for the instructor to be independent of the textbook.
5 Study Guide Questions
For homework, students will be required to read the entire textbook while answering questions. At the end of each chapter, the instructor has identify the page in the textbook where students can find the answer to each question.
6 Tutorial Links
The instructors provides links to Websites that offer tutorials on Word.

7 Word exercises created using Word and saved as an html document

You can save Word documents in HTML format and then upload them to a server just as you would do for a document created in HTML or a HTML editor like Dreamweaver or FrontPage.

8 Site Map
The page you are viewing right now. From here, you can access every page in this Website.

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