MS Word 2003: Instructor Richard Gordon. Graphic typing hands.

Due beginning of second class

  1. In a Word document, do Study Guide Questions 1 to 30.
  2. Showing all that you have learned in your first class --
  • Create a Word document from three hundred to a thousand words.
  • Your document should be a business memorandum.
  • Pretend that you are supervisor recommending to upper management that one of your subordinates should be given a big raise because of his or her outstanding performance.
  • At the end of your memo, insert a horizontal line and then list all the Word formatting you used. For what this list should look like, see the Objectives in the Syllabus.

Due beginning of third class

Answer Study Questions 31 to 60

Due beginning of fourth class

Complete all the study guide questions. Use the answers to these questions to study for the final exam.


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