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Because of ignorance, I was frightened by a harmless lizard in my home. If I had known the facts about this tiny creature, I may have made a special effort gently to remove it from my kitchen and free it outdoors where it could have thrived.

I shared this experience through this website. And many viewers, at my request, identified the creature for me, and told me that I had no reason to be afraid of it. By providing links to several websites on skinks, I hope to encourage others to learn about these innocent little creatures who only appear ugly and scary to the uneducated mind.

Last updated: 8/16/07

General skink information Good starting point. 8/16/07

Fine Bush People. Photos of skinks and lizards. 8/16/07

Benefits of skinks in your garden. Mentions skinks prey on cockroaches. Maybe a couple running around my house would make monthly visits from my exterminator unnecessary -- and save me some money, too. 8/16/07

Newsgroup: Rec.Pets.Herp. Good place to go to share information with others who keep skinks -- and other lizards -- as pets. 8/16/07

Skinks in the classroom. Looks like you can build a whole curriculum around skinks. I should have made more efforts to capture my homebound skink alive and turned it over to a local elementary school teacher. 8/16/07

Photos of skinks. Might help you to identify the kind of skink in your house. 8/16/07

Marianne Cowley's Skinks from Florida. 8/16/07

Stowaway skinks help solve human history mystery. 8/16/07

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