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No doubt my students will ask me questions not covered by other pages in this Web site and not even related to any of the topics on this site. Here, I think, is a good place to respond to such questions.

What kind of computer background do you need to take an Internet course?

You should know the basics of Windows, including --

  • how to open and close programs,
  • copying and pasting text,
  • creating and organizing folders and files on your harddrive,
  • moving and sizing windows.
If you come to class without these basic skills, you will still benefit from the class, but you will certainly have a hard time keeping up, especially during an intensive two-Saturday course.

How do I get information about signing up for one of your classes?

I expect to teach the following classes over the next several months. For information about signing up for one of these courses --

  • for the Sem campus, call 727-394-6133 or 727-394-6134;
  • for the Clear campus, call 727-791-2557 or 727-791-2530;
  • and for the Tarp campus call 727-712-5750 or 727-938-3744.
Sem Internet OST 1793 section 7074 Saturdays, Nov. 15 and Nov. 22, 2003 8 AM to 5 PM
Tarp Basic Comp/InfoLit CTS 1101/2928 Saturdays, Dec. 6 and Dec. 13, 2003 8 AM to 5 PM
Sem 5172 OST 1793 Internet Orientation Saturdays, Jan. 24 and Jan. 31, 2004 8 AM to 5 PM
Sem 5188 CTS 1101 Computer Lit XP Tuesdays and Thursdays, Feb. 3, 5, 10, 12 -- 2004 1 PM to 5 PM
Tarp 5331 CTS 1101 Computer Lit Saturdays, Feb 14 and Feb. 21, 2004 8 AM to 5 PM
Clear 5106 CTS 1101 Computer Lit Saturdays, Mar. 20 and Mar. 27, 2004 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM

After learning the basics of the Internet, what class would you recommend I take next?

I suggest you take a Web Page Creation class. Why just view Webpages and when you can go a step further and create your own Webpages to share your ideas with viewers around the world. The Web Page Creation class should give you the basics of using HTML -- hypertext markup language -- the language Webpage are created in. Then, you may move on to special programs for creating Webpages such as FrontPage or Dreamweaver. For information on signing up for these classes, use the campus phone numbers listed above. Although I am not planning to teach any Web Page creation class within the next year, you and your instructor may benefit from my course materials for my Web Page creation class at

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