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Links: Additional sources of information on the Internet

  1. Berkley, University of California. A check list for evaluating websites. Tutorial table of contents for all the Internet teaching information on this site. 05/12/06
  2. Cyberbee gives a checklist helpful in evaluating the design of a website. And here you can see a checklist that helps evaluates the content. 5/10/06
  3. Gives an evaluation checklist directly mainly at younger school children, but it still has value to beginner Internet users of all ages. 5/10/06
  4. How Web Pages Work, by Marshall Brain. This article is part of the website How Stuff Works. 5/10/06
  5. How the Internet Works, from the Internet Service Provider Internet Junction located in Tampabay, Florida. 5/10/06
  6. Internet Tips and Secrets, by Richard Lowe. Richard's opening page has a table of contents in the form of links in a white box at the very beginning of the opening page. For a typical lesson, take a look at his first one on the 404 Errors that pop up when you try to get a webpage using the wrong address or the address to a site that no longer exists. 5/10/06
  7. IPC -- The Internet Public Library. How to search for information on the Internet. 5/10/06
  8. Learn the Net. Links of various Internet topics are listed on the top left hand side of this site. One link copied from this list will lead you to a lesson on Mastering the Basics. If you see at the top of a webpage at this site an advertisement saying "Congratulations. Click on a link to see your prize." I suggest you don't fall for such advertising bait and simply ignore it while using the lessons. Remember, of course, that such free information as available to you on this site is only possible because of being supported by advertising. 5/10/06
  9. Microsoft provides online lessons on how to use their popular browser Internet Explorer 6. 5/10/06
  10. Netlingo. An dictionary of Internet terms such as Adobe, cable modem, chatfly. 5/10/06
  11. Off ToWork. Tutorial on many aspects of the Internet. Includes lessons on Internet Explorer 5, but most of what is said about Explorer 5 applies to Explorer 6. 5/10/06
  12. Self Paced Internet Tutorial. The table of contents will help you to focus on lessons of special value to you. 5/10/06
  13. Students guide to Research on the World Wide Web. From St. Louis University. 5/10/06

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