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Lesson 4: Deleting Favorites

From the Favorites menu

Internet Explorer makes it easy for you to return to a site you like. You can make such a site a Favorite. And then anytime you want to return to it, you just use the Favorite menu item and click on the name of the Favorite -- and off you go to a Favorite Web site. How much easier than repeatedly typing in Internet addresses, also called Uniform Resource Locators (URL).

Using your classroom computer, you may notice that previous students have selected their own Favorites. So before adding yours to the list, let's delete many of those selected by former students. You may ask your teacher for help in deciding if any Favorites should remain. How do you delete unwanted Favorites?

  1. Click on Favorites/Organize Favorites
  2. In the Organize Favorites window, click on a folder name or click on an individual site-name within a Favorite folder. So you can select an entire folder or just a single site within a folder. In this example, the union Favorite folder has been selected.

    | Explorer's Organize Favorites window

  3. Click on the Delete button in the Organize Favorite window or use the Delete key on your keyboard.
  4. Repeat the process for all the Favorites you wish to delete.

From the Windows folder

You can also delete several Favorites at once -- but be careful. You will be in the Windows folder on your hard drive, and one slip up can disable your computer. Only do this deletion under the supervision of your instructor and with his or her permission.

  1. Use My Computer program.
  2. Open the Windows folder and click on the Favorites folder.
  3. Hold down the Ctrl key while clicking on Favorite folders and individual Favorites. Holding down the Ctrl key will allow you to select several items at once as shown below.


  4. Click on the Delete key on your keyboard to remove all the selected items at once.


Here you will find additional information related to this lesson at these Internet sites. Other sources for all the lessons are found in the Links page.
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  • Internet Explorer Tutorials. Another good source for learning how to delete Explorer Favorites
  • From SCILnet. Deleting Netscape's Bookmarks.

Question Bank

Answer the Question Bank questions to make sure you have learned this lesson. Remember that your final exam will be made up of questions selected from this Question Bank.


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