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I have listed below the ID code of those who have asked for permission and been authorized for a specified time to use this site with their students, including the right to print, duplicate and distribute any and all pages to the students in their classes as long as my copyright notice, which is included at the bottom of every page in this site, is on all duplicated pages. Next to the ID code, I have indicated when the authorization expires. The letters in the ID code help to identify the person or institution.

ID Code

Permission Expiration date

1001CA March 1, 2004
1002MUE November 18, 2004
1003UPSA January 1, 2004
1004KB August 12, 2004
1005SPC September 1, 2004
1006DW January 24, 2004
1007UT October 19, 2004
1008AE June 30, 2006

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