Exercise 3 adapted from Chapter 3 in the HTML textbook. (Your Name)

To complete the work for this exercise, I will read pages 43 to 56, and then I will apply what I read to do the following examples showing a variety of uses for HTML codes.

A. Changing the Font p 45

This sentence should appear as Lucida Calligraphy or Arial font.

B. Making Text Bold or Italic p 46

I now will have examples of both bold and italics style type.
All these words in bold: apples, oranges, pears, bananas
All these words in italics: steak, hamburger, hotdog, bacon

C. Choosing a Default Size for Text p 47

Change the basefont size to 5. Then resave this page, and view it in your brower.
Then go back and change the basefont size to 2. Again resave this page and view in in your browser.
Then go back a third time to change the basefont size to 4. Again resave this page, view it in your browser.
Keep the font size as 4 so that when you finally print out this page it will have size 4 font.

D. Changing the Text Size p 48

Use the font size HTML code to change the size of the following words, from size one, two, three, five and seven..
Need a magnifier for this one.
A little bigger.
This should be the same size as your default font.
This is size five.
Very big, indeed.