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Tourist Attractions

  1. Tampa Bay, Florida. The beautiful area where I spend most of my time. Some sources of information to help you enjoy this great vacation spot on Florida's West Coast.
    • Go Tampa Bay
    • Busch Gardens I love this place. I bought an annual fun pass from AAA that allows visit as often as I want for a year for just about the same price as a single admission would costs-- includes, too, free parking that usually costs $18. Fantastic roller coaster rides, among the best in the country. Not only adventure rides. Close up looks at lots of animals including alligators, penguins, and chimps.Be sure to take the miniature railroad that gives you an easy view of the entire park.1/27/2016
    • Palm Harbor, Florida Chamber of Commerce. My home town. Includes links to tourist attractions. Don't miss my favorite breakfast spot -- Flap Jacks. Try the vegetable omelet. Another great place for lunch or dinner -- Marathon Grille. My favorite here is chicken Parmesan. Boy, here I am an English teacher, but I had a tough time trying to spell Parmesan. I had to do a Google search to find the correct spelling.  Imagine if I had a favorite German restaurant and offered as my favorite Wiener-Schnitzel. 1/16/2016
  2. Salem, Massachusetts. I'm a snowbird, spending the winter months in Palm Harbor, Florida and the summer months in Salem, Massachusetts, a great tourist site having a lot more to see and visit than just those having to do with witch trials. Some helpful sites to refer to when visiting this town. 1/16/2016
    • Discussion boards. Lots of fun reading comments of local Salem residents. If you're a tourist to the town, you might be especially interested in the visitor comments. 1/16/2016
    • Restaurants. My favorite: Red's Sandwich Shop. Perhaps the most popular restaurant in Salem. 1/16/2016 
    • Salem Mayor's site, spotlighting events in Salem. Keep your political eye on Kimberley Driscol. She's a star and heading for higher political office. Wouldn't be surprised if she  becomes a U.S. Senator. 1/16/2016
    • Wicked Local Salem. Local news and activities from the newspaper The Salem Gazette. 1/16/2016

Travel link to categoriescouple traveling

  1. Absolutely Florida. Travel site just devoted to Florida vacations, leisure and recreation. 1/21/2016
  2. Belize. In December 2005, my wife and I took a cruise, making a stop at this small Central American country of Belize. We enjoyed our day there so much that we're looking forward to our next return. Especially liked the Butterfly farm. 1/21/2016
  3. CIA (Central Intelligence Agency). I am considering taking a trip to Croatia, but before I pay the tour company, I want to learn all about this country. Is it dangerous to travel there? Any special pollution problems or other health concerns? What language is spoken? Population? Religion? And scores of other questions. I'll turn to the CIA's Factbook website for answers on Croatia and any other country I could possibly wish to travel to. 1/21/2016
  4. CDC -- Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Find out what inoculations, vaccinations you need and other health precautions when traveling to Russia, China, India and other countries. 1/21/2016
  5. CitySearch. Give specifics on restaurants, events and entertainment. I focused on my old home town Rockford, Illinois, to see what vacation fun I might have if I were to return for a visit.. 1/21/2016
  6. Click-It! Weekends. If you’re ready to take off on a short vacation at the spur of the minute, check out this site. Can find hotel rates and availability. Even reserve your room with your credit card, and receive e-mail confirmation. 1/21/2016
  7. Driving directions. You'll seldom get lost if you get driving directions from American Automobile Association (AAA).  You'll need to log in with your AAA membership number to access the best of this site, but even if you are not a member, you can still get driving directions. 1/21/2016
  8. Elderhostel Home Page. Senior citizens can learn about Elderhostel sites and courses. 1/21/2016
  9. Expedia. Provides the basics on more than 5,000 destinations. 1/21/2016  link to categories
  10. Fodor’s. An all purpose site similar to Expedia’s. Let’s you customize your own guide for 87 cities. 1/21/2016
  11. Flight Tracker and TrackFlight. Check out the expected arrival time of a flight. Even shows map indicating where plane is. If you don't have the flight number but know the departure city and approximate take-off time, this site will help you determine flight number. 1/21/2016
  12. Google Local. When I first tried this site on Feb. 27, 2006, I was amazed at the results. Just typed in my home address and got a detailed map of the surrounding areas. Then I could get driving directions from my home to any local address I selected. Great source to refer acquaintances to who are looking for directions to your home. Can even get satellite view of your location. Can also get listing and directions by category (e.g., movies, pizza) to local entertainment and businesses. 1/21/2016
  13.  Can book a hotel across the Country. I was curious to see the hotel rates Arlington, Massachusetts for May 27 and May 28, 2017. That's right -- 2017. I like to plan ahead.  1/21/2016
  14. National Park Service  For details about national monuments, parks, historic sites. 1/21/2016    link to categories
  15. Photos. Use Flickr to view thousands of photos taken from around the world. After a free sign up, you can use this site to display your own photos. Planning a trip to any of these place? Look at photos taken by other visitors at places I hope to visit in the next year. To get the best view of the photos, you will be asked to sign up for a Yahoo account.
    Beijing, China. Hiroshima, Japan. Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. Bangkok, Thailand. Singapore. Taipei City, Taiwan. And some of the places I lived in during my youth -- to which I may return some day: Sunnyside, Queens, NYC. Somers Point, New Jersey. Rockford, Illinois -- I was especially pleased to see a photo of the Midway Theater around the corner from my father's poultry store called Midway Poultry. Maybe you would like to use Flickr to search out photos of the place where you, too, spent your childhood. Just for fun, I checked out Flickr photos of Mars, HellHeaven, and Happyville. 1/21/2016
  16. Playbill Online. If you plan to visit a city and would love to go to the local theaters, see this website for theater listings in more than 100 cities in North America and Great Britain. Includes reader reviews and seating charts for most New York theaters. I first came across this site on Nov. 21, 1997 -- so it's been around a long time. From updating this suggested website list that  I created nearly twenty years ago, I realized how quickly so many websites come and go. I wondered -- is there a cemetery for dead websites? Well, I couldn't find a cemetery, but PC World has created a grave yard for once famous websites. 1/21/2016
  17. Travel Channel Online Network — for chat, bulletin boards, and photographs all related to travel. 1/21/2016
  18. Travelocity — this is the spot to make reservations and obtain travel tickets. 1/21/2016
  19. Travel Warnings & Consular Information Sheets. With threats of terrorism rampant, take the trouble to check out the safety of your overseas destination. 1/21/2016

Web Pages — Creating Your Own link to categories

  1. Blogging. How to create your own personal webpages without having to learn any special programs.
    • LifeJournal. "LiveJournal is an online journal service with an emphasis on user interaction." Many questions answered about LifeJournal. 1/23/2016
  2. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Style sheets are an easy way to uniformly change the formatting of the fonts, color, spacing, and more of a single page within your website or at once change the the formatting of all the pages in your website. 1/23/2016
    • From the W3 homepage -- the leading source of Style Sheets information from the World Wide Web consortium.  1/23/2016
    • Web Design Group suggests sources helpful in creating Style Sheets. Be sure to read cautions on using Style Sheets that could make your webpages unreadable to certain viewers. 1/23/2016
    • Tutorials on creating Style Sheets, from Page  1/23/2016
  3. Dotster, formerly Fortune City. Provides on-line easy to use software for creating your own site. Plans start at under $4 per month.  1/23/2016
  4. FreeGraphics for your webpage. Add clipart to your site. 1/23/2016
  5. High ranking in search engines, especially Google. How to get your site listed at the top of search hits:
    • An article today Jan. 23, 2016 in the IFP Press tells how Google is changing its ranking methods. So if you want your site to come up toward the top of a Google search, keep these factors in mind. 1/23/2016
    • An article from How to Make My Blog explaining factors that could earn you a first page listing in a Google search. 1/23/2016
  6. Historical view of websites. Use WayBackMachine to see what thousands of websites looked like years ago. Here, for example, is what this Google search page looked like on Nov. 11, 1998.
  7. How web servers and the Internet work? 1/23/2016
  8. HTML from Dave's site. Includes tutorials not only on HTML, but also CSS (Cascading Style Sheets, Website Design, 1/23/2016
  9. Register your website with Open Directory Project. 1/23/2016
  10.  NewTop Website Builders. A chart making it easy to compare. Be sure to consider whether the company you choose makes you put required ads on your site. Also, check to be sure that you can have your own domain name°Another consideration -- will the company you select give you free check of your website to detect and remove malware from your site. For many years, I used Purehost as my server. But then recently, Purehost notified me that my website had malware and my site would be removed from their server unless I purchased Sitelock  to scan my site for malware.  And then if Sitelock found malware, I would have to pay an additional fee to have the malware removed. Seems to me that the company acting as your server should  provide its own secure server, constantly scanning its clients' websites for malware without extra fees - so I switched to another hosting company. °From HackGuard "Hosting your website with a hosting company who provides malware scanning may save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars in lost revenue if your website is hacked." °See this video to find out how Google Alerts can automatically let you know if  any changes have been made to your website without your authorization -- showing that your site has been hacked. 1/23/2016

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