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  • Outstanding Web Sites - Selecting
  1. NewEvaluating Websites from the University of Maryland. Some web surfers accept as true whatever they read on the internet. Somehow just the fact that they see statements in black and white, even if it's on a website, they think whatever the site says, must be true -- especially if the site expresses a view they already agree with. But the sharp, sophisticated interneter knows how to evaluate a site, to determine if its ideas are worth serious consideration. This University of Maryland site will help determine if a site is worth your serious consideration. Here is another very detailed website evaluation tool from the University of California at Berkley. Although designed for secondary school teachers, this Scholastic site gives internet research and website evaluation tools that can be helpful to anyone looking to becoming a critical, thoughtful web researcher. 10/1/2015
  2. Congress. Website list of US House of Representatives. Provides easy way to contact your representative. 10/1/2015
  3. Library of Congress. Your key to a vast variety of reference sources. Even gives you the opportunity to ask a librarian a question although you may have to wait several days for an answer. 10/1/2015
  4. Senior Sites on the Web. Resources of special interest for us older folks. 10/1/2015link to categories
  • People/Business Search link to categories magnifying glass
  1. NewCollege and University World Wide. Universities World Wide.  Find the websites of colleges and universities around the world. Once at a a college site, it is usually easy to find the e-mail addresses of faculty in various departments. From this site, for example, you can go to the website of the University of Cambridge in England. From from here, you can see a list of professors with their email addresses. Now for the websites of United States colleges and universities. And right near me in Florida is St. Petersburg College. So what good is this information? Say, you wanted to study computer technology, majoring in Cisco networking. Using your access to the email addresses of professors, you could send  an email message asking details about their Cisco courses, more details than published in the college catalog. One good question might be "What percentage of your students earning Cisco certification are employed in the Cisco field after  completing your program? Near my home, St. Petersburg College offers Cisco courses. I plan, too, to find the email of addresses of instructors and department heads around the world whose students might benefit from knowing about this "Suggested Website List."  Here, for example, by starting off using the Universities World Wide website,  I found the email addresses of department heads at a university in Botswania in southern Africa. 10/17/2015
  2. Looking for old friend, relative? Try the New Ultimates (formerly the Ultimate White Pages),  In addition to phone numbers, finds e-mail addresses. Sends out multiple search engines at one click to find that missing someone. 10/27/2015
  3. More help finding people and businesses.
  4. Switchboard. Find the phone numbers of both businesses and individuals. 10/27/2015
  • Personal -- My Own Thoughts

I don't have a Facebook or Twitter page. Instead, I choose to express my own personal thoughts right here. But do they belong in a Suggested Website List? I think they do because I will include in my personal thoughts websites that relate to these thoughts. Richard Gordon.

  1. I used to be shy. Hard for me to meet new people. But over the last few years, I am more comfortable in meeting new people. In fact, just about everywhere I go, I try to strike up a conversation with someone new. One of my favorite spots for making new acquaintances is at the skating rink at the Countryside Mall in Clearwater. I view every new acquaintance as a new book, and if they give me a chance to browse their pages -- even just the first few pages -- I am bound to learn something new. Here are sites that will help you turn strangers into acquaintances. Maybe I'll even meet you at the skating rink: (a)  Be a Great Conversation Starter.  (b) 11 Ways to Change Strangers into Friends. (c) How to Start a Conversation with a Stranger. 11/19/2015
  2. A great comedian died recently. I feel sad.  Robin  Williams made me laugh -- and made me feel happier.  And if you have the talent to bring  a happy smile to millions around the world, then you are a precious person and your life has extraordinary value.  Apparently depression drove him  to end his own life. What pain, what inner  anguish  must have  pushed Robin over the  edge. I bet that  Robin  would be happier knowing that his death wasn't in vain -- that his death  may place a stronger spotlight  on  depression and  lead to more progress in  coming up with cures that  will  prevent others  from  falling  victim  to this  sickness. I want to find out  (a) what are examples of the latest strategies to help conquer depression, and (b)  if I suspect someone is on the verge of  defeat from this  disease, what might  I do to help.

Hoping to find sites that were updated just since Robin's death, I limited my  Google  Advanced  Search only to sites that were updated in the past year, including these three words: Robin Williams comedian, and that were limited to domain names ending in "edu" -- hoping to find sites giving information from physicians and researchers at EDUcation sites, i.e., colleges or universities..(1) A Dartmouth Physician Discusses Depression and Suicide. (2) Robin Williams' Death Focuses Attention on Suicide -- from the University of Cincinnati. (3) Somehow this .com domain site from Vox popped up in my .edu restricted google search, but it seems valuable enough to include here. (4) Suicide Prevention: What You Need to Know (from the Einstein HeathCare Network).  11/19/2015

3. I know someone who has a child born with a very rare disorder that leaves a child with a crippling handicap, both mentally and physically. This disorder is called partial deletion chromosome 6. I was able to find this website Help 4 Katy offering a personal story of Katy, another youngster suffering from this disorder. Read this website, including the comments reacting to it by other readers, to find how Katy's parents struggled to help Katy. See how music is part of her therapy. By sharing their story, Katy's parents help other parents facing a similar problem find encouragement and support. 11/19/2015

4. I want to have at my fingertips quick ways to contact my political representatives, and I want to share this information with friends and family living in Pinellas County, Florida, my place of residence.
  • First, my U.S. Congressman Gus Billarakis. Contacting by email and phone. 11/19/2015
  • My U.S. Senator Bill Nelson. Email and phone to his Tampa office. 11/19/2015
  • U.S. Senator Mark Rubio. Email and phone to his Tampa office. 11/19/2015
  • President Obama. Email form and phone. 11/19/2015
  • Good source to find your local and state representative regardless of where you reside. Just click on "Find your elected official" on the top left hand side of this linked site sponsored by Know Who. 11/19/2015
  • Now especially for you if you live in Palm Harbor, FL 34684. One place for contacting all your representatives -- local, State and Federal. 11/19/2015
5. NewStuck with some good furniture that you want to get rid of because your spouse just wants to update to something looking more modern? I have a unwanted two black leather couches without a scratch or cut and an end table that might be a valuable antique. Living in Pinellas County, Florida I found the perfect site listing dozens of organizations accepting furniture donations as well as smaller items. My first try was Goodwill but only with a three week wait for pickup because Goodwill was so backed up. But I got a two week wait from Suncoast Hospice which I grabbed. The Goodwill site, by the way, does a good job with explaining how to tell if those parking lot donation bins are displayed by for profit on non-profit charity groups. 10/8/2015
  • PhotographySmiley with camera
  1. Earthbound Light: Photo Tips. My hobby is photography. For the last five years, I have been exclusively using digital cameras. One of the big pluses digital offered, I thought, was the ability to shoot scores of shots without worrying about the expense of getting proof sheets developed allowing me to pick out the small percentage of good shots. After reading this article, I realized that my trigger happy finger was making me less likely to come up with good shots. Now, I try to take my time on every shot, and although I shoot fewer photos, I end up with more good ones. 10/27/2015
  2. Shooting Quickly versus Thinking More has made me a better photographer and perhaps it can do the same for you. 10/27/2015
  3. NewMatting photos. I belong to a local photo club. We display photos that are rated superior by volunteer judges. For our display photos to look good, we have to mat them. For my  photo club, I offered to find a source for purchasing mats. I have purchased my own mats at Amazon. I have been happy with the product quality and service provided by Amazon. So I recommend that others in the club consider these Amazon links that I plan to use myself:
    • All mat sizes
      • Items marked “Prime” include free shipping and delivery within two days of ordering
    • a. Mats for 8by10 photos  -- not including backing boards. Black.  Pack of 20 for $15.99  Prime – includes free shipping. No prime, be prepared to add shipping costs.     
    • b. Mats for 11by14 photos – not including backing boards. Black.  Pact of 10 for $19.95. Prime.
    • c, Backing boards 11by14 for 8by10 matted photos. Pack of 50 for $36.95. Prime
    • d. Backing boards 16by20 for 11by14 matted photos. Prime
    • e. Clear bags size 11 3/8 by 14 1/8 inches. Seems good size for matted 8by10 inch photos. $16.93 for pack of 100. Prime.
    • f. Clear bags size 16 3/8 by 20 1/8 inches. Seems good size for matted 11by14 inch photos. $24.92 for pack of 100. Prime 
    Just in case some of the above links aren't working, use this Amazon search link that will take you to updated Amazon photo mats. And this Amazon search link will take you to updated mat backs or mat boards. 12/14/2015

 4. Model releases. You take a photo of someone and you want to sell it. But be careful -you may need a release form all the identifiable people in your photo. Check out Dan Heller's website for lots of valuable information regarding releases. 10/27/2015 This site from BetterPhoto seems much more lenient regarding the need of model releases. 10/27/2015  Under certain circumstances, you may take a photo of privately owned property making it advisable for you to get a special property release. The American Society of Media Photographers offers an example of such a property release. 10/27/2015

man sending emails

  • Politics -- More on contacting political representatives. (See additional contact sources in Government category) makes it easy to contact elected officials at the Federal, State, and local levels. 11/20/2015

  • Federal

  1. Write your U. S. Congressman in the House and Senate using the House of Representatives website. I live in Palm Harbor, Fl, zip code 34684. . Anyone living in my same Congressional district (Florida's 9th District) can email Representative Gus Bilirakis. 10/28/2015
  2. Write your U.S. Senator using the Senate website. Florida residents can email Democratic Senator Bill Nelson and Republican Senator Marco Rubio. 10/28/2015  Rubio's many absences from Senate votes are covered in this Guardian article. 10/27/2015  The Daily Mail from England spotlights Rubio's Senate voting record. The sane Daily Mail webpage gives capsule description of all the Republican candidates and the Democratic candidates, too. 10/28/2015
  3. To email President Obama. 10/28/2015

    Florida State

  4. To email Florida Governor Scott. 10/28/2015.
  5. To contact your representatives in the Florida State Legislature. 10/28/2015
  6. Pinellas County website. If you live in Pinellas County, Florida, as I do, you will find this website helpful in contacting agencies and government representatives. 10/27/2015
  • Real Estate link to categories

For twenty years, I have been very happy living in a beautiful retirement community in Florida -- Highland Lakes, Palm Harbor, Florida. My main objective here is to help you find real estate values in my area. Often, all you need to do is do an advanced Google Search  placing the address of the home in the "all these words" slot. I suggest, too, if you want to get recent information on homes that you go to the slot "last update" and choose "past week" or "past month." 11/1/2015

  1. Zillow is a great real estate search tool. Look at the results you get for doing a Zillow search for homes for sale in Palm Harbor, FL. Just restrict your search to the zip code 34684. Of course,  if you 're interested  in another area or  neighborhood, write in your desired zip code or neighborhood (town, city) name as shown below. 11/1/2015
  2.  Zillow zip
  3. Another good real estate search engine is Trilia. Use this link to check out homes for sale in the Palm Harbor area. Of course, if you want to consider another area, just change the the name of the town you want to restrict your search to. 11/1/2015
  4. Should you hire a real estate lawyer to protect your interest when you buy or sell a home in Florida? Depends who you ask. When I lived on Long Island, New York everyone I knew who bought or sold a home used an attorney. But in Florida, seems that most buyers/sellers don't use an attorney. In several real estate transactions I have been involved with Florida, I always used a real estate attorney despite speaking to brokers who told me that attorney was unnecessary. 11/1/2015 For opinions on this question, I suggest you see: 
    NewFrom Zacks investment company   11/1/2015
    HSH -- includes quote from Florida attorney. I like too, that HSH includes an article for first time buyers. Strange though that article says nothing about an attorney. 11/1/2015
    About Florida law. An article by a Florida attorney giving 19 reasons for hiring a real estate lawyer.11/1/2015
    NewCity-Data. A Canadian wants to know if he should have an attorney when buying a home in Florida. 11/1/2015
  5. Florida Attorney General Pat Bondi details steps in buying or purchasing a home. I was surprised this article did not question whether to hire a real estate attorney. 11/1/2015
  6. Justia answers questions about Florida real estate transactions. 11/1/2015
  • Reference & Literature
  1. Get the answers to thousands of questions. 11/1/2015
  2. Awesome Library. Links to different online encyclopedias focusing on diverse subjects such as astronomy, law and poetry. 11/1/2015
  3. Bartleby.Com. Provides free access to great literature online. 11/1/2015
  4. Book discussion guides. ReadingGroups.  I am in book discussion club. We meet once a month. We all take turns leading the monthly discussion. If you are leading a book discussion, this site will give you all the information you need, including suggested discussion questions.  11/1/2015
  5. CIA World Factbook. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) keeps information on every country, and much of this information is available to the public through this site giving socioeconomic data, population statistics, and maps. 11/3/2015
  6. CNN five-day weather forecast, spotlighting Palm Harbor, Florida, but also provides easy access to cities across the Nation. 11/3/2015
  7. Congressional record. "The Congressional Record is the official record of the proceedings and debates of the United States Congress." 11/3/2015
  8. Copyright protection. Only takes $35 to register your stories, plays, poetry, books -- even Websites -- with the U.S. Copyright Office. 11/3/2015
  9. Find the definitions and correct pronunciations; also thesaurus and dictionaries to many foreign languages. 11/3/2015
  10. Dictionary Webopedia  for computer and internet terminology such as  firewall, URL, network security, phishing, zombie 11/20/2015
  11. Dictionary. Free Dictionary by Farlex. Includes dictionary of medical, computer, legal and financial terms. Also provides dictionaries for several foreign languages including Spanish, French, and Arabic. 11/20/2015
  12. Dictionary -- Urban dictionary. Words and meanings born in the big cities. Might well be called Urban Slang. 11/20/2015
  13. Dictionaries: One Look Dictionaries. Another great dictionary site. Will search through more than 200 dictionaries at one shot. 11/20/2015
  14. Encyclopedia Britannica. You can access for free much valuable information her, but for full access to all the Britannica has to offer, you will have to pay. 11/22/2015
  15. Internet encyclopedia gives free access to more than 17,000 articles.11/22/2015
  16. Florida's Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles will tell you if a driver's license is valid, canceled, suspended or revoked. Especially helpful if someone uses a license as an ID. You might even want to check out your own license to see its official status. 11/22/2015
  17. Flower identification. My hobby is photography, and my favorite subject is flowers. Although I have taken many photos of beautiful flowers, I seldom can identify them. To help me with this identification, I discovered these sites that might help you, too, identify flowers. I selected only sites that allowed you to see large photos. So many of the sites only show such small photos that it is difficult for you to make out enough details to actually identify your flower.
    • My shows photos of more than 500 different flowers. The flowers first appear in small (thumbnail) size, but if you click on small pictures. they enlarge. Instead of skimming through many photos, you can use certain criteria to search for the flower you are trying to identify. 11/22/2015
    • Reny Parker's Wildflowers. Thousands of photos. Broken into categories by Common Name, Botanical Name, Family Name, Flower Color, Location, and Gallery of select flowers. Since I usually don't know the name, the first three categories are useless for me, but the fourth and fifth are just what I need -- Flower Color. 11/22/2015
    • Wildflower photo album from Colorado State University. Categorizes flowers by color. Remember -- enlarge the small photos by clicking on them. 11/22/2015
  18. F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote a story "Bernice Bobs Her Hair." To understand why "bobbing hair" created such controversy in the 1920s and turned Bernice from a wall flower to vibrant rose, I discovered a site that does a marvelous job in showing how a hair style could have such an effect on society. Only after reading this site was I able to appreciate fully the characterization of Bernice. Famous entertainers of the 1920s explain their choice to bob or not bob their hair. 11/22/2015
  19. Full Books (free). Gives you online access to hundreds of free ebooks listed alphabetically by title. I have a Kindle. I looked at the titles and authors of the free books on this site. Next I went to Amazon and searched Amazon's Kindle Store to see if I could find for my Kindle -- for free or for no more than 99 cents -- the same title on Amazon that I could download to my Kindle. One short coming of this site is that the books are not also listed alphabetically by author.  11/22/2015
  20. Google Book Search. What a find! You can download as pdf files thousands of books out of copyright, including classics. Just be sure to select "full view only" so that your book search will only bring up books that can be viewed in their entirety, not just excerpts. Some of the books even can be downloaded to your own computer as a pdf file. .Here is how I was able to download the entire Bible.10/28/2015
    Google advanced book search for the Bible.
  21. More than 15,000 books available to be read free on your computer.The entire texts of such classics as Ulysses, War of the Worlds, Pride and Prejudice, The Bible, The Koran, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and thousands more. From the Gutenberg website, you download or copy entire books to your own computer's harddrive, and then read them at your leisure, without worrying about return deadlines or late fees. Concerned about using up too much space on my harddrive, I transferred the books from my computer's harddrive to an external drive. 11/22/2015
  22. High Tech Dictionary. Includes computer and Internet terms. 11/22/2015
  23. Internet Archives. Thousands of full-length texts available free even to unregistered users. To try out the site, I did a search on  Helen Keller. The search brought me 204 sources, including 34 biographies in various languages such as German, Persian, and Arabic. 11/27/2015
  24. Internet Public Library (IPL). Links to thousands of full length articles on every subject that you might expect to find in a real library. For these links, click on the Subject categories on the left of the opening page. Just take a look, for example, at all these resources on Newspapers and Magazines. 11/27/2015  
  25. ITools. One site having all these research tools: Dictionary, thesaurus,telephone and zip code finder, foreign language translator, quotations, maps, currency converter, stock market quotes, and more. 11/27/2015
  26. Job Search in Tampa Bay, Florida 11/27/2015
  27. Jewish Encyclopedia. Catholic Encyclopedia. 11/27/2015
  28. Library of Congress. Historical documents, census statistics, workings of Congress. 11/27/2015
  29. Maps 
    • a. Maps around the world. From the University of Texas. 11/27/2015
    • b. Maps from Google. I can even focus in on a town where I once lived -- Salem, Massachusetts. See what happens if you search your own house address. I just did a  Google Map Search by typing in the name of my old high school -- and there on the left of my screen was my high school's photo as well as a map showing its location.  Next, I typed in the search slot just the name Empire State Building and ended up with a detailed map giving the famous landmark's location.Double click on the pink blimp shape identifying the Empire State Building to get a satellite view.   12/7/2015
  30. Miriam-Webster dictionary and thesaurus. I love to play scrabble and was happy to find this Miriam-Webster has a special dictionary for acceptable scrabble words.  I was surprised to find that there were lots of words having the letter q without needing the letter u. So when I was stuck with a q scrabble tile without spotting a u to go along with it, I would just about give up, never thinking that there were q only words. I can hardly wait to try out the word qis on my opponent.  12/8/2015
  31. On Line Books from the University of Pennsylvania. More than 25,000 books available for free viewing. I just got interested in the playwright Eugene O'Neill and was pleased to find I could read three of his plays free online. 12/10/2015
  32. Palm Harbor (Florida) Library. Includes US residential data, Thomas Register, e-book collection, magazine article databases. Be prepared to give the bar code number in back of your Pinellas county library card. 12/10/2015
  33. Post Office -- United States Post Office. Find zip codeschange your address, hold your mail while away from home. What should you do if you receive a suspicious package?  12/10/2015
  34. Reading Groups. Would you like to start your own reading group? What a great way to develop friendships while broadening your appreciation of literature. Here's information on forming a reading group and suggested books for group discussions. 12/11/2015 
  35. SparkNotes. Big help for literature plot summaries, criticisms. I was confused by O'Neill's play "The Iceman Cometh," but the act-by-act summaries filled the background I needed to get more out of this famous play. SparkNotes also helped me with O'Neill's "A Long Day's Journey into Night." Be sure to use the drop-down arrow at the top of the page to view a summary of each act and also a critical analysis. Don't make the mistake of relying on SparkNotes to avoid reading the real thing but only as an aid to deepen your understanding. 12/12/2015
  36. Time. Set your clocks by referring to Official U.S. time. Includes various time zones. 12/12/2015
  37. Urban Dictionary. Certain words, expressions, slang grow out of a city, and people not from that city would not be able to understand them, even with the help of the conventional dictionary. I grew up in New York City in the 1950s.  It was fun to discover this 50s slang list.  12/11/2015
  38. Virtual Reference Desk. 12/23/2015
  39. Weather: City Rating -- average temperature in cities across the United States. If temperature is an important consideration determining where you plan to relocate, this site will help. For average monthly temperature in Boston, MA and in Tampa, FL. Yahoo provides both average and low monthly temperatures for Salem, MA and Palm Harbor, FL (near Tampa). Another site for weather conditions in Palm Harbor, Fl and everywhere throughout the U;S. 12/24/2015
  40. Look up definitions of computer and Internet technical terms 12/17/2015
  41. WhitePages. Look up the both residential and business phone numbers, or if you have the phone number, find the address that goes along with it. Phone number information is free, but by paying a fee, you can also get information on criminal records (State and Nationwide). 12/17/2015
  42. Wikibooks. Free online books written and edited by online contributors. Be careful about assuming that what you are reading is always accurate because anyone is free to make changes, additions to these online books. 12/17/2015
  43. Wikipedia. An encyclopedia compiled by thousands of viewers. You can even edit an article that already exists or write your own article on a subject in which you are expert. 121/23/2015
  44. Wordsmyth English Dictionary-Thesaurus. 12/17/2015
  45. Word Origins. Whenever you're curious about the origin of a word, this is a good place to go. 12/17/2015
  46. Your Dictionary.Com. Includes foreign languages. Helps with translation. 12/23/2015
  47. Zip code locator. Ready to mail a letter and discover that you don’t know the correct zip code?12/17/2015 

  • Research Paper Help link to categories

  1. Annotated bibliography. If your instructor asks you to create a bibliography that includes an explanation of how you found your sources, you will find this sample annotated bibliography helpful. 12/23/2015
  2. BioMedResearch engine. Contains free access to PubMed/MedLine publications, plus some additional journals and a collection of theses and dissertations.Suggested in email from James on February 13, 2010. Thank you, James. 12/23/2015
  3. Citing Internet Sources in Research Papers. From the University of Wisconsin. Cites the guidelines from the MLA (Modern Language Association). When writing a research paper for a college course, you may have to give footnotes, endnotes, and bibliographical information for Internet sources. 12/23/2015
  4. Google Alerts offers a service to email you when information appears on the Web  on a subject you are interested in now and want to be updated when new information appears. For example, if you are interested in finding out the latest research on migraine headaches, you can create a Google alert for "migraine headaches". Google will then send you emails with links steering you to information on this subject just appearing on a website.  12/23/2015
  5. Powerpoint tutorial to learn how to make a computer-assisted presentation to your class or employer. 12/23/2015
  6. Web sites suggested by Tech Times writer Jeanne Rogers, St. Pete Times, Oct. 14, 2002.
    • Dictionary/thesaurus Merriam-Webster.  12/23/2015
    • Help with coming up with good research paper topics. 12/23/2015
    • Reference Desk. Includes almanacs, dictionaries, encyclopedias. 12/23/2015
    • Step-by-step help with writing your research paper. 12/23/2015
  • Retirement communities

As a senior citizen myself in my seventies, I am interested in finding the best retirement facilities, including those classified as Independent Living, Assisted Living and Nursing Homes, mainly   in Florida's West Coast (Tampa Bay), Florida's Northwest Coast (Panhandle) or near Arlington, Ma.  I am happy to share with you the sites I found most helpful in researching these areas. RG.
  1. U.S. News provides helpful information for finding nursing homes.12/23/2015
  2. Consumer Reports gives advice on how to selecting assisted living facilities for aging family members. 12/23/2015
    • Highland Lakes retirement community in Palm Harbor, Florida. I've lived in this community for several years and have nothing but praise for it. Facilities include separate houses, villa-type condos and a three storey, thirty unit condominium building. Monthly association fee of $94 gives owners access to a beautiful club house, olympic size pool, three nine hole golf courses. Within an hour's drive to both Tampa International Airport and the St. Pete/Clearwater Airport. 12/23/2015
    • New Life Styles  makes it easy to locate retirement communities for seniors. In Panama City, Florida. In Arlington, Massachusetts. In Palm Harbor, Florida. 12/23/2015

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    Web sites selected by Richard Gordon. Copyright 2001. All rights reserved.
    I selected these sites solely for web surfing practice with my Internet students. I cannot vouch for their truthfulness, nor do I endorse them, nor the products or services they contain. RG. Page last updated August 23, 2014.