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  1. offers information for Internet beginners, including understanding email, figuring out what internet addresses mean, removing spyware, viruses, and speeding up your computer. 8/24/2015
  2. AVG. Free antivirus program for individual home users. 8/24/2015
  3. Hacker Watch. A community of Internet users cooperate to keep one another informed and protected from mischievous and even malicious computer experts from controlling and stealing information from your computer. 8/23/2015  link to categories
  4. Internet Course Guide. At this site, I have all my materials used with my students for an Internet course that I teach. The materials include a syllabus, lessons, and exercises. 8/23/2015
  5. Internet dangers. Even if you don't use the Internet, still there are dangers on the Internet that can affect you and your family. You may, for example, be enticed to invest in a stock that has been artificially inflated because of misinformation posted on websites or Internet newsgroups. Or you may be misled into accepting calls from fraudulent numbers and identifications shown on your phone's caller ID. The technology to make such fraudulent called IDs can be easily purchased on the Internet. 8/23/2015. More on internet dangers -- protecting children. Children are especially vulnerable to giving away personal information that might place them in jeopardy. This gov site will help educate parents of such dangers. 8/23/2015
  6. Learning all about the Internet. From the Library at UC Berkeley. Includes a form for evaluating Web sites. 8/26/2015
  7. Learn the Net.  Way back in August 1998, when the Internet was still in diapers,Yahoo Magazine (ceased publication in 2002) rated Learn the Net a top site for teaching about the Internet. 8/24/2015
  8. Microsoft Help. Any questions or problems regarding a Microsoft product including the browser Internet Explorer? Try this site. 8/24/2015link to categories
  9. Microsoft's Windows 10. If you just got this latest operation system from Microsoft, then this site will help you learn its new features. If you need help on Windows or any Microsoft application like Word or Excel, this is the place to go to first. 8/24/2015
  10. Myths and hoaxes about viruses, malware, emails, and computers in general. 8/24/2015
  11. Netlingo. Confused by Internet terminology? This is the site to learn all the net terms cookie, domain Name, newsgroup. 8/26/2015
  12. Netflow. If you are an advanced computer user, perhaps you might find this an interesting site aimed at those studying for Cisco certification.8/26/2015
  13. Outlook. If you use Outlook for your email, this is a good place to go to learn about all the options available to you. 8/26/2015 
  14. NewPromoting your small business. I have a good friend who asked me for help promoting her small business on the Internet. She wants to have her own domain name and be able to create her own website. These are the steps and resources I suggested to her:

  15. a. First, get your own domain name. The domain name should suggest the nature of your business. Once you have a domain name in mind, do a search to determine if your domain name is already in use by having Check Domain determine if the your domain name is available for you to register and use. Let's try Oh, oh -- that name is already in use. Again using Check Domain search insert (like the one below), we try another:  Good, that one's available. So you may plan to take it as your own -- if it isn't already taken by someone since I wrote these comments. 8/27/2015


    b. Second, we choose a company that will serve or host our website to make it available for viewing around the world. I think Hostgator, recommended by Columbia Bio Tech, might be a good choice. After checking that the name you have chosen for your domain is available, ask Hostgator to register it for you. Here is a step by step instruction guide for setting up your website using Hostgator. 8/27/2015

    c. Third, decide what software you are going to use to create your site. You may choose to use WordPress provided by Hostgator. I prefer using the free program Komposer, although I think you can use Komposer and WordPress together just as I use Komposer along with DreamweaverMX  for creating and updating this site -- my Suggested Website List. 8/27/2015link to categories

    d. Fourth, once you have your website up and running, you may decide to publicize and supplement your business by creating a Kindle e-book. Best place to look for instructions on how to write a a kindle (ebook) is to purchase a how-to-do guide book on Amazon. 8/28/2015

    e. Just after writing steps a through d above, I found this great tutorial, step by step, how to create a website. Seems to cover everything needed in a way the non-technie can follow. See Websitesetup. 8/28/2015

  16. Research papers. Are you a college or high school student using the internet as a primary source of information for your report? Then considering using this Prairie State College Library site for guidance. This site confirms my view that "Most reliable are .edu and .gov" sites when you are looking for solid information. 8/28/2015link to categories
  17. NewSearch engines. Become an expert in finding the information you need on the Internet. Southern Oregon University offers links to a multitude of internet search engines. Even gives you tutorials and other help in using these search tools. 8/28/2015

    a. Unfortunately, too many people are too quick to accept as gospel whatever they see in print on the Internet. This can be especially dangerous when looking for medical help. Here the library at Southern Oregon University offers you guidance in evaluating the accuracy, reliability of information you find. 8/28/2015

    b. Be especially skeptical of any website that advertises a health related product that the website promotes. So if you're looking for help on soothing your back pain, I would not give a crumb of credence to a website saying that rubbing the bottom of your spine with a certain cookie will erase your pain, especially if the site domain name is Sorry, I can't provide a link for this site, but I find it interesting to see what Amazon brings up for the words fit cookie. 8/28/2015

    c. To make it more likely that the information I am reading is based on more than just opinion but on research, I use an Advanced Google Search restricting my search to .edu and .gov domains and to websites that have been updated in the last year. For help in using Google's Advanced Search. 8/28/2015

    d. Don't make the mistake of assuming that research studies reported on edu or gov are gospel.  Even though edu and gov sites are more likely to be closer to the truth on health issues than com sites, a morsel of skepticism may be a good idea, too, with edu and gov sites -- and with org sites as well.  See, for example, this New York Times article on the reliability of research studies in psychology, probably all published on under edu domains. 8/28/2015

    e. For more information on domain names. Notice especially the guide lines for education (edu) and government (gov) domain names toward the bottom of this webpage. 8/28/2015

  18. NewPC Magazine reviews various antivirus programs. AV Test evaluates antivirus programs for Windows and Apple computers. 8/28/2015
  19. NewWayBackMachine. Curious what a website looked like many years ago? The WayBackMachine will show you. Take a look, for example, at this Suggested Website List from 2001 to 2007.   8/28/2015
  20. Word Course Guide. All the materials I used with my students for a Word course, I keep on this site. These materials include the syllabus and exercises for Word 2003. I admit that's an old version, but much of materials, especially the exercises, can help anyone teaching the latest version of Word. 8/28/2015

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I selected these sites solely for web surfing practice with my Internet students. I cannot vouch for their truthfulness, nor do I endorse them, nor the products or services they contain. RG 8/29/2015