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Disclaimer: The author of this Suggested Website list in no way verifies the value, truthfulness or authenticity of information in these health-related Web sites. He assumes no liability for any information provided through these linked-Web sites. Fraud and misinformation, unfortunately, are common on the Internet. Anyone using the information in the linked Web Sites does so of his/her own volition and at his/her own risk. Should you require information in regards to a specific medical condition, please contact your family physician or other appropriate physician. RG 6/1/2015link to categories

depressed manDate at the end of each item indicates when the link was last checked.

  1. Anxiety: Great article by an Atlantic magazine editor who has suffered severe anxiety all his life – how he tried to cope, what helped (a little) and what didn’t help at all. Article is six webpages pages long. Be sure to click NEXT at the bottom of each webpage to get to the next. Took me over an hour to read – but was worth the time. The author tackles a deadly serious topic – his lifelong battle with overwhelming anxiety – and yet sprinkles his struggle with humor and hope. One of the funniest scenes I’ve ever read was his battle with an overflowing toilet. See how he reaches the conclusion that his crippling anxiety may have helped his career and family life. 7/16/2015
  2. Anxiety -- How to Deal with Anxiety. YouTube video by Noah Elkrief. Noah offers an approach to dealing with anxiety that I found very helpful -- an intellectual approach that does not refer to medication. If you like this video, you may also benefit from other videos by Noah Elkrief. Noah may not be a certified, licensed psychiatrist or psyschologist, but for me his thoughts on dealing with anxiety offer valuable self-help tools.  7/16/2015
  3. Behavior Online. Bills itself as gathering spot for mental health professionals and students. Can participate in discussions.7/16/2015 
  4. Bipolar disorder -- links to resources resulting from a "bipolar" search on the WebMD website. 7/16/2015
    1. In this red subsection of Bipolar disorder, I will focus on resources within the Tampa Bay, Florida area.  Depression Biolar Support Alliance (DBSA) of Tampa Bay. DBSA's of Tampa monthly support meetings.7/16/2015
    2. About.com spotlights celebrities who have suffered from bipolar. This same site also offers information on diagnosis, symptoms, and treatments of this illness.7/16/2015
    3. Answer-Facebook page on bipolar. 7/16/2015
    4. DBSA -- Depression Bipolar Support Alliance. This organization sponsors free support groups in over a thousand locations around the Nation. If you're suffering from bipolar or are a friend or relative of someone who is, the MDDA meetings at McClean can prove to be a wonderful souDBSA-Boston at MGH/Downtownrce of support, encouragement, and knowledge. You'll see just how a model of mental health support groups, led by members themselves who are not health care professionals, can be so helpful to its members.
      1. DBSA support groups in Tampa Bay, FL. link to categories
      2. DBSA sponsors another site linking to resources for getting help.
      3. I visited many times this outstanding DBSA group meeting in Belmont, Massachusetts -- at McClean Hospital.  Holds free weekly evening support meetings on Wednesday 7 to 9 PM. Also has small group support meetings at McClean on Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday afternoons from 1:00 to 3:30 PM. From observing several weekly Wednesday meetings, I'd estimate an average of  over a hundred attendees. Wednesday's large group is broken up into smaller interest groups. One of these smaller groups devotes itself to offering mutual support to relatives of bipolar sufferers. Be sure to check Belmont's DBSA website to be sure meeting times have not been changed. 
      4. Meets Thursdays 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.-- at the Yawkey Center for Outpatient Care on the fourth floor, Suite 4A, in the Schiff Conference Room.7/16/2015  link to categories

  5. Borderline personality disorder. The Middle-Path, a peer support group in the Boston area.7/17/2015 
  6. DailyStrength.org also has a support group where you can exchange messages on bipolar. 7/17/2015
  7. Spouse support. An excellent book on the subject is Loving Someone with Bipolar Disorder: Understanding & Helping Your Partner, by Julie A Fast and John D. Preson. Be sure to consider the latest 2012 edition.  Also, consider "8 Ways to Help Your Love One Cope." And here is an article written by a bipolar person telling his spouse how she can be helpful to him when he is in the throes of his illness: The Top 10 Ways to Support Your Mate."  This Google search brought several good sources of spouse help. 7/17/2015
  8. National Institute of Mental Health offers an online booklet describing the symptoms, possible causes, and treatment of bipolar disorder.7/17/2015
  9. Children and psychotropic medications. Article describing how parents over medicating a young child diagnosed with bi-polar disorder may have led to the child's death. Spotlights the question: Are we over medicating children with drugs created for adults with mental illnesses? 7/17/2015
  10. Depression Hurts. Offers help for those suffering with depression. Includes advice on how friends and family can be supportive. Gives the opportunity to team up with a partner for mutual support. 7/17/2015
  11. Emotions Anonymous. A support group for those with psychological problems, modeled after the twelve step program of Alcoholic Anonymous. To find the closest meeting in your area. 7/17/2015
  12. First Person. On-line magazine giving chance to people to share their experiences with mental, emotional and spiritual health. Sharing includes art, poetry, factual and fictional accounts. 7/17/2015
  13. NewFood and Mental health. We all know that what you eat can have a big effect on your physical health. Stuff yourself daily with burgers and fries, and you can expect your physical health to take a nose dive.  But now recent research supports the conclusion that what you eat can affect your mental health as well. So if you are depressed, strangled with anxiety, fired up with a quick, violent temper, look at what is piled up on your plate. 8/18/2015
  14. Florida's Borderline Personality Disorder. 7/17/2015
  15. Gay conversion? Is it possible to change gay folks to straight folks? This article from Time Magazine sheds light on this question. 7/17/2015
  16. History of the treatment of mental illness.
    1. A very controversial book, indeed. Just excerpts from a book that seems fascinating to me. Coercion as a Cure: A Critical History of Psychiatry, by Thomas Ssasz. 7/17/2015 
    2. Danvers State Insane Asylum in Danvers, Massachusetts, built in 1878 followed the therapeutic architectural design developed by Dr. Thomas Story Kirkbride -- a design called Kirkbride Plan. Kirkbride believed that the location and architecture of buildings could have a positive therapeutic effect on patients. 7/17/2015
    3. New York Times article, published in 1999, reporting the history of treatment at Rockland State Hospital, opened in 1931, in Orangeburg, Rockland County. 7/17/2015
  17. Internet Mental Health. Encyclopedia of mental health information. Offers overview of mental health problems and their treatment. Designed by Canadian psychiatrist Dr. Phillip Long. 7/17/2015 
  18. McClean Hospital. Affiliated with Harvard University, in Belmont, Massachusetts. "Home to the nation's oldest and foremost research program in a psychiatric hospital setting." 7/17/2015
  19. Metanoia Guide to Internet Mental Health Services. Since it’s now possible to get — and pay for — on line psychotherapy, it’s a good idea to have reference to this site that claims to check out and publish the credentials of Internet therapists. 7/17/2015  link to categories
  20. Meditation -- Clearing your mind of obstacles. I am convinced that meditation can be helpful in maintaining and improving mental health. This article takes the position that certain obstacles -- such as painful past experiences or memories of individuals who caused you harm -- can block your progress in achieving the positive effects of meditation. The article offers steps to remove these obstacles to improve your meditation experience. 8/26/2015
  21. Mindfulness. I've heard so much lately about "mindfulness" as a strategy for improving mental health that I decided to check out this topic on YouTube. Here are YouTubes on the subject that I viewed and found worthy of recommending to my friends and family.
    1. How to actually practice Mindfulness, by Leo Gura. Leo has created dozens of other videos, but this is the only one of his that I have viewed so far on YouTube. This video, like so many YouTubes, opens with an advertisement, but you can skip the ad by clicking on the Skip Ad arrow in the advertisement preface to the video. After viewing Leo's video, check out several of the comments under the video screen.  You can read about Leo here.   7/17/2015
    2. Mindfulness with John Kabat-Zinn. Dr. Kabat-Zinn is delivering his YouTube talk to Google employees. His presentation is no short introduction to mindfulness like Leo's presentation above. Dr. John links mindfulness to meditation. At the end of his formal presentation, he takes questions from his audience. I like his analogy that the mind is like the sea, often rough, agitated on the surface, but go down twenty, thirty feet beneath the surface, you will find calmness, peace. My thought: Perhaps this is what meditation or mindfulness does -- draws are mind from the agitation of our surface thoughts to the tranquility, serenity in the depths of our souls.  I was moved, too,  by his idea that real meditation doesn't end after twenty or thirty minutes -- meditation can and should  flow throughout your daily existence.  John's background.7/17/2015
    3. Mindfulness apps for your smart phone. This article rates the effectiveness of different apps for improving your ability to use mindfulness to reduce stress and depression. 8/27/2015.
  22. Mindfulness -- maybe not. Just when I was about to jump into the lake of mindfulness and meditation, I found this site on The Hidden Dangers of Meditation and Mindfulness, by Nancy El-Gamel. According to Nancy, some poor souls are more damaged than helped by practicing mindfulness and meditation. Nancy El-Gamel doesn't appear to have special knowledge of psychology, but her resume certainly reflects a very bright, experienced communicator. 7/7/2015  I did an Advanced Google Search on these three words: dangers of mindfulness. I limited my search to only domain names ending in .edu so that I would come up with sites somehow related to educational institutions.I was particularly interested in reading the views of college professors. I also limited my google search to sites that were updated in the last year. I was particularly interested in reading the views of professors in universities.  You might find it interesting to see what this google seach turned up. 7/8/2015
  23. Music as a treatment for anxiety and depression. This topic especially interests because I believe that music can influence your moods and perhaps even impact your physical health. If you're uptight, anxious, perhaps if you listen to quiet, peaceful classical music, you can find the music tranquilizing. And if you're depressed, maybe by listening to your favorite joyful music, you can find your depressing mood taking a happy turn. I wonder if researchers have found evidence that music can cause changes in the brain, perhaps similar to the effect of anti-depressants. Well, I don't yet know the answers to these questions, but come along with me as I explore several sites that help answer my questions. link to categories
    1. AMTA website. American Music Therapy Association answers your questions. I was especially interested in reading who can benefit from music therapy. 7/17/2015
    2. Music therapy research archives from the Touch Research Institute. Found especially interesting the effect music had on very depressed patients.Patients with major depressive disorder were recruited and listened to their choice of music for two weeks. "Depression was measured with the Zung’s Depression Scale before the study and at two weekly posttests. RESULTS: Music resulted in significantly lower depression scores, as depression decreased weekly, indicating a cumulative dose effect." Another study I found especially interested is how music can help those having difficulty sleeping. 7/17/2015
    3. Stress Relief and more benefits through music therapy from About.com. I was especially impressed with all the music therapy links at the bottom of About.com website. 7/17/2015  
  24. National Institute of Mental Health. Aims mental health through biomedical research on mind, brain, and behavior. 7/17/2015
  25. Mental Healty Information & Resources. Articles on mental disorders and help in locating treatment locations. 7/17/2015
  26. NAMI -- the National Association of Mental Illness gives information on OCD medications, treatments, symptoms, possible causes. 7/17/2015
  27. newOCD -- obsessive compulsive disorder. Stuck with a repeating, painful thought? Like every time you see or hear or certain word, something terrible is going to happen to one of your relatives? Or you just must cross yourself whenever you see the color purple? The International Obsessional Compulsive Disorder Foundation (IOCDF) tells about this painful, often crippling mental illness.This site provided by Genious.com is packed with helpful links.  8/27/2015

    OCD-UK. A charitable organization in England devotes itself to helping OCD sufferers. Includes screen test, self-help strategies, and medical treatment. 7/17/2015

    newDr. Jeffrey Schwartz, a well known OCD treatment specialist, believes you can use mindfulness meditation techniques to help "rewire your brain" to break the chains of OCD. 8/28/2015

  28. newObesity. Male or female, very overweight and seeking support from others dealing with the same problem, this site might be helpful to you. If you just want to view the posts without contrtibuting any comments of your own, looks like there's no need to sign up. Always keep in mind that it's easy for someone in an internet support group to pretend to be someone he or she isn't really, intending to deceive you. So be cautious about revealing any personal information about your identity just as you would be if you met a stranger in Grand Central Station who struck up a conversation with you. And yet, participating in an internet support group may help you find others who -- because they have similar problems -- can offer you the understanding, the empathy hard to find elsewhere. 8/11/2015
  29. Time Magazine article on OCD: "When Worry HiJacks the Brain." Time issue August 13, 2007. "Having any blood relative with ocd puts your risk of the disorder at 12%...four times as high as that of US population as a whole." 7/17/2015
  30. Parents, Families, Friends of Lesbians and Gays. (PFLAG). Support group. You can search for a chapter in your area. 7/17/2015link to categories
  31. Recovery International.. Self-help organization holding weekly meetings. For those suffering from anxiety, depression, phobias, and similar problems. Founded by the late psychiatrist Dr. Abraham Low. 7/17/2015
  32. Stressbusting. Help with recognizing and dealing with stress -- all the way from England. 7/17/2015
  33. DBSA (Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance) 7/17/2015
  34. Recovery, Inc. -- Florida meetings including Clearwater, Tarpon Springs and Hudson.
  35. NewSpecial needs children. Parents struggle with the challenges of finding the best help for their child and support for themselves. I just heard a radio show with the host interviewing a parent who found help for her mentally handicapped son. An excellent radio show and a website providing great help for parents: Special Needs Family Hour. To listen to past radio shows. 8/29/2015
  36. University of Florida, Department of Psychiatry. Special department devoted to treatment of OCD; considered the best OCD treatment program in the South East.7/17/2015
  37. Vincent House. Located in Pinellas Park, Florida. The mentally ill learn job and social skills in a structured workshop environment. From the Vincent House booklet: "Vincent house is a vocational and social recovery program for adults living with a mental illness, based on the International Center for Clubhouse Development (ICCD)."  7/17/2015
  38. NAMI -- National Alliance for the Mentally Ill. With more than 220,000 members, NAMI is the nation's largest organization dedicated to improving the lives of persons affected by serious mental illness. Helpful to those suffering with mental illness as well as their friends and family. Near where I live is the Pinellas County, Florida chapter in Clearwater. Meeting schedule is on first webpage. I also spend part of the year in Massachusetts where there is also a NAMI affiliate. Consider also NAMI Greater Boston Consumer Advocacy/Affiliate Network. 7/17/2015
  39. Yahoo group Mental Health Association of West Florida -- a group that offers understanding and support to relatives and friends of those suffering from mental illness. You can sign up to receive email messages from others in the group. 7/9/2015
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Disclaimer: The author of this Suggested Website list in no way verifies the value, truthfulness or authenticity of information in these health-related Web sites. He assumes no liability for any information provided through these linked-Web sites. Fraud and misinformation, unfortunately, are common on the Internet. Anyone using the information in the linked Web Sites does so of his/her own volition and at his/her own risk. Should you require information in regards to a specific medical condition, please contact your family physician or other appropriate physician. RG 1/7/2005

link to categories

  1. NewAdvice -- Evaluating online medical advice. Before beginning your search for medical information online, you are cautioned to first learn how to evaluate the information you may find -- otherwise your searching may bring you more harm than help. 
    1. Forbes magazine: How to get the best medical advice online. 7/20/2015
    2. Barnard College of Columbia University offers information on evaluating online medical information. 7/20/2015
    3. U.S. National Library of Medicine offers detailed information on evaluating medical information from magazines, TV, and the Internet. 7/20/2015
  2. BioMedResearch engine. Contains free access to PubMed/MedLine publications, plus some additional journals and a collection of theses and dissertations.Suggested in email from James on February 13, 2010. Thank you, James.7/17/2015
  3. Brushing teeth correctly. Here I have been brushing my teeth nearly my entire life and I've been doing it wrong -- even though at age 76 I still have my own teeth, maybe filled with fillings -- but they're originals except for a couple of caps -- but maybe, if I followed the directions in this site, my teeth and gums would be a lot younger than I am.  7/17/2015
  4. Cancer — National Cancer Institute 7/17/2015
  5. Cancer Association Resources. Includes clinical trials of different treatments, support groups. 7/17/2015 link to categories
  6. Cell phone danger. Whenever I get a call on my cell phone while I am driving, I always pull over to safe place to park before continuing the conversation. Unfortunately, many people drive and cell-phone talk at the same, not recognizing that " Research shows that motorists talking on a phone are four times as likely to crash as other drivers, and are as likely to cause an accident as someone with a .08 blood alcohol content." See the article. 7/17/2015
  7. Diabetes. American Diabetes Association's menu recipes for diabetics. 7/17/2015
  8. Department of Health and Human Services Healthfinder.  A consumer health and human services information web site from the United States government. 7/17/2015
  9. Diagnosis. Wrongdiagnosis.com. Helps patients check out the diagnosis of their own medical problems. 7/20/2015
  10. Doctor finder. Two good and free sources for finding out information on doctors -- information that may help you select a doctor for your care.
    1. American Medical Association. Look up your physician’s credentials if the doctor is a member of the American Medical Association. Also helpful in locating a specialist in your area. 7/20/2015
    2. Vitals. Helps you to locate a physician in your area and gives free information on medical school attended, specialities, hospital affiliation. 7/20/2015
  11. Florida Department of Health. Links to Florida Health and insurance resources throughout the state. 7/20/2015
  12. Florida Department of Insurance. Links to health resources throughout Florida. 7/20/2015
  13. Florida's Division of Consumer Services. Information on filing complaints against contractors, day care centers, health care providers, and more. 7/20/2015
  14. High Blood Cholesterol: What you need to know. From the U. S. Dept. of Health and Human Services. 7/20/2015link to categories
  15. Long time care insurance policies are supposed to cover nursing home expenses when the elderly can no longer take care of themselves. New York Times article points out complaints about insurance companies that seem to look for excuses to avoid paying claims. Instead of helping the sick elderly handle the paperwork involved in filing claims, some companies throw obstacles in the path. Be sure to note that this article was published in 2007. So some of the information may be outdated. 7/20/2015 
  16. MedHelp International. A message board of questions and answers related to health concerns. 7/20/2015
  17. Medicare.Search of Tampa Bay Times comes up with recent articles on Medicare. 7/20/2015
  18. Medline Plus. U.S.National Library of Medicine sponsors this site. Includes medical dictionary and encyclopedia. More than 950 topics covered. 7/20/2015
  19. NCBI. Gives free access to abstracts (summaries) of articles from scientific journals. Look, for example, of the article abstracts available for research on migraine headaches. Right now, I have a throbbing toothache, and it's the weekend. I managed to get an emergency appointment with my dentist for Monday, but I was curious to see what information on tooth aches was available at this site. I suspect my tooth may have to be pulled --so I went further to check out this article: Antibiotics to prevent complications following tooth extractions. I have a special interest in meditation as a positive influence on physical and mental health. Looks like great sources of research information here.  7/20/2015
  20. National Organization of Rare Disorders. 7/20/2015
  21. NCCAM, affiliated with the National Institute of Health, gives ten criteria to apply when evaluating complementary health related websites.7/20/2015
  22. Osteoporosis. National Osteoporosis Association. Especially as we get older, learning all we can about keeping our bones strong becomes more important -- and now that I am approaching seventy, this is a big concern for me. How to do bone density testing from the Mayo Clinic. 7/20/2015
  23. Quackwatch. Stephen Barrett, MD, gives his views on many alternative remedies that he considers quackery. 7/20/2015
  24. Rx List -- Internet Drug Index. Learn the uses and possible side effects of thousands of medications. 7/20/2015
  25. NewSelf-diagnosis on Internet is not always a good practice. From Harvard University. 7/20/2015
  26. Temple University Libraries gives links to medical and health news sources. 7/20/2015NewWarning signs of heart attack and stroke, from the American Heart Association. 7/20/2015. link to categories
  27. Yahoo Health  7/20/2015
  28. NewU.S. Department of Health and Human Services offers much health information including "Stay Healthy as You Grow Older." At 77 years old, I sure can use the guidance in this site. 7/20/2015
  • History 
  1. Advertisements -- old advertisements. From Duke University Libraries.  See what soap ads looked like fifty years ago. Photos of soap ads appear small, but just click on them to enlarge.  How about a look at  autos, refrigerators. Also see Vintage Ads (Once at the Vintage Ads site be sure to scroll down a full screen to see the category links. 7/20/2015
  2. Best of History Websites Annotated links provided for teachers, students, and folks who just love history. Links to Ancient/Biblical history as well as U.S. History, Modern European history, Art history, and much more. My friend and neighbor George K. recommended this site. To get a good taste of what this site makes available, just look at the more than 100 sites summarized (annotated) on World War II. 7/20/2015
  3. Florida Holocaust Museum, St. Petersburg, FL 7/20/2015
  4. Holocaust Chronicles. Includes the full text of a book over 600 pages as well as hundreds of pictures.  7/20/2015  link to categories
  5. Holocaust victims. The most comprehensive online-database of many of those who died in the holocaust.  7/20/2015
  6. Internet archives. Using the WayBackMachine, you can view the history of websites, to see how they have changed over the years, and to discover sites that died out long ago. Find out what popular websites looked like years ago, perhaps when they first began. Google in November 1998. Yahoo in October 1996. St. Petersburg College in January 1995. This very "History" section in this Suggested Website List in April 2001.And how about the St. Petersburg Times in December 1996. Facebook on December 18, 1998. Amazon on December 12, 1998.  7/20/2015
  7. Internet Medieval Sourcebook, from Fordham University, focusing on medieval Jewish life. 7/20/2015
  8. Internet Modern History Sourcebook. Complete online texts gathered and organized by Fordham University. 7/20/2015
  9. Internet History of the Great War -- World War I. 7/20/2015
  10. Jewish culture and history. I've done research on certain questions related to Judaism - questions that are especially interesting to me. Clicking on a link in a numbered line after each question will bring you to answers that I thought had great credibility because of the organization or individual responsible for writing material related to the question:  link to categories
    1. Who were the Jewish zealots (Sicarians) and how did they participate in the Great Revolt against the Roman Empire from about 66 to 70 CE (common era, equivalent to 66 to 70 AD)? (1) From the Jewish Virtual Library, citing as its source Joseph Telushkin's Jewish Literacy. (2) From Livius.org, a source on ancient history which tells the story of the fall of Masada, a mountain top fortress where the Sicarians committed suicide to avoid capture and humiliation by the Roman soldiers.(3) Aish.com in a section of its website called Jewish Literacy relates how civil war between the Jewish Zealots and Jewish moderates in Jerusalem help bring about the defeat and annihilation of the Jews. 7/21/2015
    2. Would there be advantages to both the US and Israel if Israel were to become the 51st State? See the article in Beliefnet.com giving the view that Israel as our 51st State might be a good idea that would benefit both countries. (Beliefnet, by the way, lists what it considers the best 100 contemporary Jewish books. 7/21/2015 link to categories
  11.  Salem witchcraft trial transcripts. As a part-time resident of Salem, MA., I was especially interested to discover that the trial transcripts are online.7/20/2015
  12. Whitehouse. Official website of our government's Whitehouse in Washington, D.C. U.S. Constitution. Biographies of U.S. Presidents. Of their spouses -- the First Ladies. 7/21/2015
  • Humor link to categoriesclown

I hate getting my email inbox flooded with jokes from friends. I usually just delete them without reading them. When I want a joke, I just go to a joke site I like -- such as the ones below. Then I can have lots of laughs while keeping my email free from "pass on to all your friends" jokes.

I intend to include joke sources here that are appropriate for children and families. If you find a site that has in your view objectionable material, I'll check the site out further and consider removing it from my list. richard@gordonrichard.com

    1. CleanJokes4U. You can even send in your own jokes that might appear on this website.  Here is one I am going to send in. Maybe you'll see it published on this website: My joke: Question: Why was the frog forever stuck in the cemetery? Answer: Because he croaked. 7/19/2015
    2. Aha! Jokes. On the left side of the opening page, you can give your email address so that you can receive a new joke each week in your inbox. 7/20/2015 link to categories
    3. Great Clean Jokes. You are invited to make a suggestion for how this site can be improved. 7/21/2015
    4. Mysterious Creature Under My Refrigerator. In the middle of the night, I hunted down a creature in my kitchen that I thought might endanger my family. What a mistake I made. 7/21/2015
    5. Now with the political campaign season in full bloom, how about a Friendly Politician Joke. 7/21/2015
    6. Reader's Digest offers both jokes and cartoons. I especially like the puns. I remember when I first started teaching junior high school in Lindenhurst, Long Island, in 1962. As a new teacher, I strained my voice by talks so much.  So I said to my last class of the day, "Please excuse, but I'm a little hoarse today."  Manny, a kid in back of the room, waved his hand wildly. "Yes, Manny, what is it?" He replied, "Mr. Gordon, if you're a little horse, would you mind wiggling your tail."
      • Fifty three years have passed since Manny's pun, but he's one student I'll never forget.  Speaking of puns,at nineteen years old, I earned $10 when Reader's Digest published a pun I had originally written for Boys' Life Magazine. The pun was a daffynition: "Tact is the ability to get your point across without stabbing someone with it."
      • I thought I had found an easy way to make a living -- just keep making up silly, daffynition puns, submitting them for publication at ten dollars a shot, but in spite of several attempts, my puns never broke into print again. So I left punning behind -- no butts about it. 
      • I can't believe it! I just did a google search on my tact pun only to discover that someone in 2011 -- fifty four years after my original tact pun was published --  had my pun kidnapped and published under another person's name.  7/21/2015
    7. Puns galore. Lots more at JokesClean. 7/21/2015
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