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Downloading/Virus Protection/Security

Downloading in class is prohibited. You are not allowed to download any programs or browser plug-ins on the hard drive of your classroom computer. If you decide to download on your own computer at home, be sure to have an up-to-date anti-virus program running. Caution: Every time you download a program, you take a chance of causing problems with your computer or having private information on your hard drive copied. So any downloading you do, you do so at your own risk. And if you computer gets fouled up, don't blame me (Richard Gordon). Here's a standard disclaimer that applies especially to links listed here, but also to all the links throughout my Suggested Website List:

The information provided in this section and throughout this Suggested Website List comes without any warranty whatsoever. Use it at your own risk. Just because a Website and/or "down loadable" program or service is listed does not mean that I endorse or approve of it. Always remember that adding new programs to your computer, especially free downloaded versions, can lead to computer problems.

  1. AD-Aware Free Antivirus. Helps detect and remove spyware that can slow down your computer. Personal edition is free for non-commercial use. Another program with a similar purpose Spybot -- Search and Destroy. Several years ago, I had both these programs on my computer and found no problem running each separately, just about every week. Usually one program picked up some unwanted spyware programs that are missed by the other program. When I spoke to a McAfee technician to get advice on solving a computer problem, she told me to uninstall Ad-Aware because it conflicted with McAfee. So beware that sometimes when you download a program, it may conflict with another program you already have on your computer. My links to both these programs come from the University of Utah, toward the bottom of the page under Security Products Available from Other Websites. Before ever downloading programs, I first check out several sources, especially with domains ending in .edu usually indicating the source is from an educational institution such as a college or university. Here is a link to such a Google search for Ad-Aware. I suggest you ignore Google hits with a little yellow box with the word Ad  in front of them indicating they are sites that are advertising and/or selling the product.  A similar Google search for Spybot. Caution: Before downloading any software, I suggest you read this article -- both Part I and Part II -- pointing out the dangers of downloading programs, especially when they are identified as "free".  7/23/2015
  2. Conflicts. Downloading programs, I guess, is similar to taking different medicines at once. You may have no problem with taking one medicine or even two, but start adding more medicines and there is a good chance that you'll run into problems with the combination. Might be a good idea to do first a Google search putting in words something like these: conflict adaware McAfee before installing a new program that you might think could possible conflict with another. Also check out conflict adaware spybot. 7/23/2015
  3. Best free antivirus programs as reported in PC Magazine. 7/23/2015
  4. Diskeeper Lite. Free program that defragments your hard drive. 7/23/2015
  5. Free Country. Provides hundreds of free programs to download. Great variety of programs for Web site designers.7/30/2015
  6. Fresh UI. With this free program, you can change, customize scores of settings in Windows. 7/30/2015
  7. Identity Theft. How to protect yourself. Advice from the Federal Trade Commission.7/30/2015
  8. Instant Messaging Program from AOL. You don’t need to have AOL as your on-line service provider to download and use this free program. Allows you to exchange instant messages with anyone on the Internet even if they too are not an AOL subscriber as long as they also have downloaded the Instant Messaging Program. 7/30/2015
  9. Internet Explorer. Download the most popular browser. Also use this Microsoft download site for the latest updates and patches for Internet Explorer. Be sure to know the version of Internet Explorer that you have on your computer. To find out your version, open Internet Explorer, and then click on Help/About Internet Explorer. 7/30/2015
  10. Logos from Cool Text. Create free logos for your website. 7/30/2015
  11. Major Geeks. Hundreds of programs to download, many free. 7/30/2015
  12. PC Magazine gives links to free downloads. Also remember that adding new programs to your computer, especially free downloads, can be risky business, possibly leading to more computer problems than the free programs are worth. 7/30/2015
  13. Phishing. Fraudulent email messages can trick you into giving away confidential information at sites that appear to be the real thing. Scoundrels send out thousands of phony emails fishing (phishing) for gullible readers to bite. Alan Zisman writes an article that help you learn to protect yourself email tricksters. 7/30/2015
  14. Protect your computer from viruses, hackers, invasions of privacy . Norton Internet Security
    McAfee Internet SecuritySuite. 7/30/2015
  15. Snapfiles. Reviews and evaluates shareware programs before recommending them. 7/30/2015
  16.  Spyware Guide Generally it is a good idea to identify the nature of the spyware before you delete it because by deleting some spyware, you may delete software that will prevent some of your programs (such as games) from functioning properly. Spyware Guide is one place where you can get information on the spyware identified by your anti-spyware program. By giving you this information, Spyware Guide will help you decide whether to delete it. Just today, May 22, 2006, I checked on BonziBuddy to see if I should delete it from my computer -- and delete it, I did. anti-spyware programs. 7/30/2015
  17. As you surf from website to website, your computer may get jammed up with software sludge such as cookies and malware. My favorite program for removing such surfing debris is Superantispyware. This program is available in both a free version and a more sophisticated, power version you have to pay for. Before I download any program, I check out several reviews to see if there any drawbacks to the program. Here are reviews I found helpful: 8/18/2015  SnapFiles   PC Adviser   fileform
  18. Tucows. One of the most popular sites for downloading all kinds of software. Only download programs from companies that are well known for their reliability. 7/30/2015
  19. Virus checker. PC World Magazine, issue May 2009, page 38, writes that you can verify your computer is virus-clear by visiting antivirus company sites such as those that follow. "If you can't pull up those sites, your computer is likely infected." 7/30/2015

      Education bearded teacher  

      1. Academic Earth. Free online courses, including videos.8/3/2015
      2. College -- Is it necessary to be a big success in life? Look at this site that gives information on great successes who dropped out of high school and/or never graduated from college. Love the information on Woody Allen. 8/3/2015
      3. Computer instructor? If you teach basic classes in Computer Literacy (including Internet research), the Internet, Creating Webpages, and Word, you may find these sites which I created for my own classes helpful to your students.True, I created these classroom resources more than ten years ago, but much of the material, including exercises, remain relevant today .8/3/2015
      4. NewEvaluating a website. You're doing research either for a college class or for your personal needs -- such as finding the best place to invest your savings. How can you determine if the information from a website is reliable -- or just out to sell you something? The library at Morehead State University provides criteria for judging the reliability of a website. 9/11/2015
      5. Explorers -- Explorers Lifelong Learning Center, Salem, Mass. For the months I spend in Salem each year, I love taking classes at the Center for adult learning. Most of the attendees are senior citizens, but their age has only increased their love of learning. The instructors are all volunteers, many retired college professors. Courses are offered in art, music, political science, philosophy, and much more. 8/3/2015
      6. NewFree college courses for senior citizens. You can take many school and college courses free if you are over 60. I'm 78. I wonder if I can find any institutions of higher -- or lower -- learning that would pay me to attend since I'm 18 years over the minimum age. I hope the classes aren't more than two floors up in a college building without elevators. U.S. News and World Report has an article about the available of free courses for seniors. Near my home in Florida, I was pleased to see that Hillsborough Community College offers free courses for seniors. Here is information about free senior classes at the University of South Florida -- no credit granted but seniors for free can audit (listen and observe) classes without having to take tests and do homework. More possible free opportunities for Florida seniors.
      7. NewFree online college courses for all. You don't have to be a senior citizen -- anyone can take free online classes sponsored by MIT and Harvard at edX. I read a review from a student who took one of these free courses.  More detailed review here from PC Magazine. Another even more popular free online college program reviewed by PC Magazine is Coursera.  Whether you're young or old, there's a lot of free learning courses online if you're interested in learning for learning's sake without earning official college credits. 12/8/2015
      8. General Education Online. Links to hundreds of colleges and universities around the world. 8/3/2015
      9. Global Computing American Universities. Find out information about colleges around the nation. Also links to U.S. government agencies, newspapers and more. 8/3/2015
      10. Inside Higher Education. If you teach or are administrator in college, this is the place where you find news about the college and university community. Beware that this site ends in the domain name com and not edu. So it does not have a university standing behind it.  8/3/2015
      11. Internet Dangers. In July 2006, I led a discussion for retirees on dangers on the Internet. Here are the resources, including my notes, that I used to guide this discussion.8/3/2015
      12. Khan Academy. Want to learn math, history, art and many other subjects -- all for free? Hundreds of educational YouTube videos. Try Khan Academy. 8/3/2015
      13. Perkins Museum. Perkins was the first school established in the United States for the blind. Helen Keller and her beloved teacher Annie Sullivan both attended this school. The Perkins Museum traces the development of special education for blind and deaf children, spotlighting the famous students and teachers who attended this special school that rescued so many children from a life of total dependency. The Museum is in Watertown, Massachusetts. Whenever you are nearby, you may indeed, find a visit a fascinating experience. 8/3/2015
      14. Retired New York State teachers now living in Florida. A retired teachers' club in Tampa Bay meets monthly at local restaurants to discuss common interests and to hear a guest speaker. 8/5/2015
      • E-mail
      1. Bcc. Using bcc when sending out group email message. I have included in my own website information, too, on using bcc (blind carbon copies) to hide the email addresses of multiple recipients.  8/5/2015
      2. Bcc. More on bcc. Explains how to send email messages to several people at once without listing and revealing all the email addresses in the To or Cc slots of your email program. I am unhappy with a friend Louie who often emails me jokes. In the To slot in his email program, he shows twenty-five email addresses of his acquaintances whom he wishes to share a joke with. What he fails to recognize is I want to have the choice whether or not to give my email addresses to several of Louie's email friends. If Louie would have used the BBC option, he could have kept private the email addresses of all his friends.8/5/2015
      3. Hoax emails pretending to be from Ebay. On May 15, 2005, I received eight email messages, all having the subject line "Update Account" and all apparently coming from the email address After doing searches on Google, I've concluded the messages were frauds, trying to get me to reveal private information such as my Ebay ID and password, credit card number, etc. (By the way, I don't have an Ebay account.) Check out these links to see what made me conclude these messages were hoaxes and how you can avoid being fooled by them: 8/5/2015

        First Google search
        Article by Ina Steiner
        Millers Smiles Corporation in England. Tutorial on "phishing"
        Ebay tutorial on fraudulent emails. On avoiding identity theft, again from Ebay

      4. Hoaxes. Unfortunately, you will probably receive many email messages that are hoaxes, frauds, lies. These sites will help you detect such deception. Generally, a message is probably a fraud if it asks you to forward it to all your friends: 8/9/2015
        • Hoax-Slayer 8/9/2015
        • Snopes, Here you will go directly to Snopes' search site where you can just insert a key word from the suspected email you received to check out the possibility that it is a hoax or scam. Your search results -- if any -- will include a summary of the suspected email, plus a link to more detailed information. Be sure to click on the red-text link at the top of each summary to get the whole story. 8/9/2015
        • Symantec 8/9/2015
        • Truth or Fiction 8/9/2015
        • Urban Legends 8/9/2015
        • Zyra 8/9/2015
      5. Learn the Net. Focuses on the email etiquette. 8/9/2015
      6. Ted speaker Jeff Hancock explains how we relate to one another through email and text messages. 8/9/2015
  • Entertainment link to categories boy  playing drums
I live in the Tampa Bay, Florida area. So most of my entertainment links focus on my home area. RG
  1. Ask the Critics. Look up movie reviews. 8/9/2015
  2. Beacon for Tampa Bay, Florida. Good source of local entertainment for residents in and near Palm Harbor, FL. 1/24/2016
  3. Best movies of the 1940s. I was born in 1938. As a youngster, I remember going to the State Theater in Rockford, Illinois, seeing movies that made an indelible impression on my mind. I found this site to help me recall so many of these great movies that influenced my childhood     8/12/2015
  4. Brighthouse. If you have Brighthouse as your cable provider, you can get a list of your available channels here regardless of where you live. Just insert your zip code or your location at the Brighthouse website.    8/12/2015
  5. Capitol Theater in Clearwater Florida. Regardless of what show is on the calendar, you will be delighted by seeing the renovation to this historic theater built in 1921. 
  6. Creative Loafing giving information on entertainment sources in the Tampa Bay area. 8/18/2015
  7. Films101. Great database on hundreds of movies. Organized in categories such as Blockbusters, Black and White, Years, Language. Sight has search box making it easy to find information on a film you have in mind:  I searched for information on one of the first talking movies Applause. I got four hits within the Films101 website. Eventually the first hit led me to a review of the movie found on another site MRQE that looks like a great site whenever you're looking for movie reviews. If you frequently order movie DVDs, you might find it especially helpful to refer to Films'101 list of recently released DVDs. 8/13/2015
  8. Libraries. Public libraries in my area -- Palm Harbor, FL -- often offer special programs free, e.g., book discussions, lectures, computer clubs, Socrates cafe: Clearwater Public Library (has various branches -- be sure to note the branch having the event you are interested in), Dunedin Public Libraries, New Port Richey Public Library, Palm Harbor Library, Pinellas Public Library Cooperative. This is the place to go to get a calendar of events for all the public libraries in Pinellas. 8/13/2015
  9. Local movie times. Just insert your zip code to find the times of local movies. 8/13/2015
  10. Marlon Brando, considered by many critics to be America's greatest actor. This site is jammed packed with every detail about Brando's life you can imagine. If you want to become a Brando specialist, this is the site for you. 8/13/2015
  11. Moviephone and Movie Tickets. Find out what’s playing in the local area. Includes links to movie reviews. Easy access to Muvico in Palm Harbor and AMC in Oldsmar. 8/13/2015
  12. Movie reviews from the Roger Ebert website. 8/13/2015
  13. Music -- Pandora. Great place to listen to your favorite music. You create your own simulated music station. The performer I picked to listen to was Barbara Streisand. I then got the opportunity to hear Barbara sing as well as many other performers who, according to Pandora, has a similar style. Pandora offers both a free service and a paid subscription service, but the free service filled my needs. 8/13/2015
  14. Nature: Parks and Sanctuaries within a three hour drive from Tampa Bay, Florida.
    • Nature walks. If you enjoy nature walks and taking photos, great walking trails are in the Tampa Bay area: a two and a half mile trail at the Boyd Nature Park in St. Petersburg; four hiking trails at Fort DeSoto Park which has one of the most beautiful beaches in the Country; Hillsborough River State Park thirty minute drive from Tampa; Honeymoon Island State Park in Dunedin; Starkey Wilderness Park with thirteen miles of hiking trails. You might consider checking out the Florida Trail site for information on hiking and biking trails throughout the state. My favorite walking park is Anderson Park in Tarpon Springs. The walking trail is only about a half mile, but it takes you over a boardwalk along the shores of Lake Tarpon. Keep your eyes out for alligators. 8/13/2015
  15. Operas. I didn't introduce myself to opera until late in life when I began viewing famous operas on DVD. These links lead to summaries of famous operas I enjoyed: Mozart's Don Giovanni / Puccini's Il Trittoco  10/28/2015
  16. Palladium Theater in St. Petersburg, FL. A beautiful theater built in 1925, featuring live theater. 8/13/2015
  17. Pinellas County -- Discovery events 8/12/2015
  18. Radio station locator. Find out what AM and FM radio stations you should be able to hear from your community. Includes information on the type of entertainment provider: Classical music, contemporary music, talk, news, religious, public radio. For Salem, Massachusetts. For Palm Harbor, Florida. Talk shows from around the Nation. 8/13/2015
  19. Rotten Tomatoes. Movie reviews. Check out movie show times in theaters near you. Just put in your zip code.  8/13/2015
  20. Ruth Eckert Hall in Clearwater, FL. Live shows, symphony orchestra. The acoustics are great. I attended a combination steel band/symphony orchestra performance on March 13, 2005. Sat way in the back, in one of the least expensive seats, and could hear perfectly. 8/13/2015
  21. Salem, MA. Cinema Salem. I spend several months a year in Salem, and my favorite movie theater is Cinema Salem. The owner sends out monthly email newsletters commenting on current showings. Friendly, informal style of the newsletter reflects the personal relationship this Cinema is building with the community. Owner each month gives as much as a $1,000 grant to local organizations. 8/13/2015
  22. Salem State College (MA) Center for the Arts.If you're a Salem resident or live in a town nearby, Salem State provides inexpensive entertainment -- plays, concerts, art shows. For a calendar of events. Other sources of entertainment in Salem. 8/13/2015
  23. Sunken Gardens in St. Petersburg, FL. Called a botanical paradise. Includes a butterfly garden. Check out the entrance fee and you'll be presently surprised to see how inexpensive it is. 8/13/2015
  24. Tampa Bay calendar of events. I live part of the year near Clearwater, Florida. I find this site invaluable to plan interesting activities for my wife and me each day. 8/13/2015
  25. Tarpon Springs, FL. Cultural Arts Center. 8/13/2015
  26. Weekend and every day Entertainment Guide from the Tampa Bay Times. 8/18/2015
  27. Weekly Planet. Weekly newspaper that has a detailed listing of so much happening to entertain you in the Tampa Bay area. Tampa Bay Happenings site is linked from the Weekly Planet. Also see fun and free things happening this week in Tampa Bay, again from the Weekly Planet 3/26/06
  28. Yahoo Games. 8/17/2015
  29. NewYouTube. Thousands of amateur film makers display their work here. Just in case you would like to make your own YouTube video, you can see a YouTube explaining how to do it. More help on becoming a YouTube film maker. I find YouTube videos especially helpful in doing repair jobs around the house. I now need to replace toilet tank parts and turned to YouTube for instructions.  8/17/2015
  • Family & Parenting link to categories
  1. Parenting newsletters from the University of Wisconsin. How to be a better parent.  8/17/2015
  2. Psychology professor specializing in helping parents dealing with children having severe problems. 8/17/2015
  3. What  are  nine characteristics parents of successful  children have in common?  Do  mothers who work outside the home  tend  to  raise more successful  children?  Apparently  teaching math to children when they are very young  can play an  important  role in  their later success.  If  I had known this when I was  raising my own  children, I would  have  taught them how to  add and subtract when they were still in diapers.  8/18/2015
  • Famous People
  1. Audie Murphy: The most decorated U.S. soldier in WWII who became a leading Hollywood actor. Did he suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)? More information about his heroism? 8/18/2015
  2. Biography. Fascinating information on famous people. I especially found interesting the tragic lives of famous super wealthy women who illustrated that more money that you could ever need may lead to more unhappiness than you could ever survive. 8/18/2015
  3. Charlie Chaplin. Not until I audited a film history class when I was in my late sixties did I really get exposed to this genius of the cinema. His movie The Gold Rush was the funniest movie I ever saw. I'll never forgot a starving Charlie cooking up his own shoe for dinner and using his forks to make two dinner rolls dance. 8/17/2015
  4. Clark Gable. One of my favorite actors. Detailed biographical information as well as information on all the movies he was in. 8/17/2015
  5. Deceased or living? Find out if famous people are still with us or if they have passed away. Also provides date of birth. date of death, and age at death. Another site to find if celebrities are living or have passed away. 8/17/2015
  6. Golda Meir. Israeli leader who illustrated so well that women can be great national leaders. 8/17/2015
  7. Louise Brooks. Famous silent film actress. 8/17/2015
  8. Judy Holliday. A great actress in the 1940s and 50s. I loved her in the movie Adams Rib. The website does a marvelous job tracing her career that ended so tragically at her death at age 43. Meet this great actress with a genius IQ who so often played blond simpletons. 8/16/2015
  9. Montgomery Clift. Biography of a fascinating and great actor who died at age 45. 8/18/2015
  10. Sylvia Plath. A great American poet who had such a short but brilliant life! This website inspired me to read her poetry, her novel The Bell Jar, and all I could find out about her life that was so sad, so tragic, and yet filled with brilliance. A fascinating person, indeed. 8/17/2015.
  • Games -- Free Brain Sharpeners

I'm not interested in games that are just fun but time wasters. As a senior citizen in my seventies, I'm most interested in games that will help to keep my mind sharp and challenged -- and yet are free. I only recommend those games that I have tried out several times myself and have found them intellectually stimulating, often appealing not only to seniors but often to children, too.
  1. NewAddictive games, may actually help exercise your brain in positive ways, according to a New York Times article. So don't be quick to throw the "waste of time" criticism at your friends who are spending hours of their free time playing  Flappy Bird, Candy Crush or Tetris. In contrast, this article from Developmental Psychology at Vanderbilt University points out the negative effects on children including increasing aggressive behavior and promoting obesity. A research article concludes that the computer game tetris may help blunt tramua memories. But then, too, this same article points out some of the same pluses as those in the NY Times article.  Here an article spotlights a Ph.D. in a nursing school who is developing games having therapeutic value. 8//2015
  2. NewMath skills improved through games suggested by links from the Science Education Resource Center at Carleton College.  8/16/2015
  3. has links to over a hundred free games. The first I tried out and found challenging was actually categorized as a children's game, but I found it a brain sharpener, especially if you keep a record of your scores, trying hard to beat your previous top score. Try out Bejeweled. I preferred the large size format and the timed version. My highest score so far is 1245. I have a special interest in meditation. This Memory-Improvement site has a special section on games that promote meditation. 8/17/2015
  • Genealogy link to categories
  1. Cyndi's list of genealogical sites on the Internet. 8/17/2015
  2. Mormon Church (The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints) offers what many people consider the most extensive genealogy website. 8/17/2015
  3. National Genealogical Society. 8/17/2015
  4. Roots-L Join a mailing list in which people share how to find information about their ancestors.8/17/2015
  • Government government buildinglink to categories
  1.  CNN Politics. Want the latest political information? Special coverage of the 2016 election. 8/20/2015
  2. Fox News offers latest political news. Contrast Fox's 2016 election news coverage with CNN's (see above) coverage.  Fox is identified as favoring more conservative Republican views.  Pace University identifies both conservative and liberal media news sources.  8/20/2015
  3. ADL. Anti-Defamation League. An organization devoted to combating anti-antisemitism and racial, religious bigotry of all types. 8/20/2015
  4. Blogs -- Florida political sites where individuals give their opinions. For a definition of blogs, see Wikipedia. All the following blog-links were taken from Tampa-Weekly Planet, December 15 to December 21, page 10. Quoted comments are taken directly from this issue of the Weekly Planet.
    • "A more intellectual approach to political blogging, written by University of Miami Law Professor Michael Froomkin." 8/20/2015
    • Sayfire Review. Focuses on Florida politics. 8/20/2015
    • South of the Suwannee. Spotlights political news in South Florida. 8/20/2015
  5. Copyright Office of the Library of Congress. If you have a manuscript that you plan to turn into a Web site, you may first want to get a copyright on the manuscript by filing with the U.S., Copyright Office. 8/20/2015
  6. E-mail to U.S. House of Representatives. Contacting a U.S. Senator. Another source for contacting both your House and Senate representatives.  8/20/2015
  7. Federal Bureau of Investigation. Information on terrorists' alerts and most wanted criminals. Gives public chance to send in tips. 8/20/2015link to categories
  8. Florida Government portal site. Links to Florida government agencies. 8/20/2015
  9. Florida Governor Rick Scott's website. To email the Governor. 8/20/2015
  10. Florida State Government including links to e-mail addresses of governor and representatives. 8/21/2015
  11. Library of Congress On-Line. Read the Congressional Record and discover what's in every bill introduced or voted on in Congress. Or read historical documents like the Declaration of Independence, Lincoln's second Inaugural Address, and the US Constitution.  8/21/2015
  12. created by the Obama administration to give the public information (1) on how our government is reigning in Federal costs and (2) how effectively public agencies are performing their jobs. " provides a window on the Obama Administration's approach to improving performance and accountability. shows progress on the Administration’s efforts to create a government that is more effective, efficient, innovative, and responsive." 8/23/2015
  13. flagPresident Obama.-- the President's Web site. His twitter page.  1/27/2016

  14. Retired Teachers Club gives links to both Federal and State representatives and agencies. 8/23/2015
  15. Allows you, the taxpayer, see how the money was spent as a result of the 2009 Recovery and Reinvestment Act (Stimulus Package). 8/23/2015
  16. U.S. Congressional Representatives from Florida. U.S. Rep. Michael Bilirakis, R-Palm Harbor. 8/23/2015
  17. US House of Representatives. Another source, too, for writing your U.S. Congressman. 8/23/2015

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