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Questions to check your understanding of your textbooks

Answer the textbook-related questions in note form following your instructor's directions. The numbers after each question refer to the page number in each text where you can find the answer. You might find on line computer terms dictionary also helpful in answering these questions.

Part I. Microsoft Office XP Illustrated Series Essentials ISBN 0-619-10937-8

  1. In Windows, what are small icons? A-1
  2. What is the default color of the desktop? A-2
  3. Where is the taskbar and what does it show? A-2
  4. What does Internet Explorer do? A-3
  5. How can you tell that a desktop element or icon has been selected? A-4
  6. How do you start WordPad? A-6
  7. How do you resize a window? A-8
  8. How can you see the content of more than one window at the same time? A-9
  9. How can you display two opened Windows Horizontally -- each taking up half your screen? A-9
  10. When does a Screentip appear? A-10
  11. In a dialogue box, what key can you click on that means the same as "OK"? A-12
  12. Where do scroll bars appear in a window? A-14
  13. How should you shut down your computer? A-18
  14. What is the name of a wordprocessing program that is included with Windows XP? A-18
  15. When would you use the Log Off command instead of Turn Off Computer? A-19
  16. What letters usually identify the diskette drive and the harddrive? B-2
  17. How do you delete a letter (character) to the left of the insertion point? B-2
  18. How do you start the Paint program? B-4
  19. How can you use the mouse to get a brief description of the Accessories programs? B-6
  20. What are the two main tools in Windows XP for managing your files? B-8
  21. Why would you hold down the Ctrl key as you select files using My Computer? B-13
  22. Why create a shortcut to a file? B-16
  23. When are files placed in the Recycle bin? B-18
  24. When a diskette is write-protected, what are you prevented from doing? Appendix 2

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Part II: Internet Research Second Edition Illustrated Series ISBN 0-619-27325-9

  1. What is the job of Internet search tools? 2
  2. What are the four types of search tools? 2
  3. You usually make a big mistake if you use only a s____ keyword in any search engine. 4
  4. In evaluating search results, you should apply evaluative criteria such who was the site's a_____ and how cu_____ is the in formation. 4
  5. What are the keywords in the following research topic statement? I want to find websites about solar power. 7
  6. Why can it be wrong to conclude that the better websites appear listed higher (toward the top of your search finds or hits). 8
  7. What goes in a search engine's "search text box'? 9
  8. When do you use phrase searching? 10
  9. Give examples of three different endings of domain name? 12
  10. In Google, how does a cached website differ from a current website? 12
  11. What are the two widely accepted citation formats? 14
  12. When can you be guilty of plagiarism? 14
  13. AND and NOT are examples of Bo____ operators? 21
  14. Always use all c_____ letters when typing Boolean operators? 22
  15. Draw a Venn diagram for the search horses AND zebras? 23
  16. Draw a Venn diagram for the search snakes AND NOT poisonous. 23
  17. What would you be looking for if you were to enclose two or more words in quotation marks? 24
  18. What mathematical signs can often substitute for the Boolean search term AND? 25
  19. Would you get more or few results from a search using the Boolean operator OR? 26
  20. Draw a Venn diagram illustrating the results of the search alligator OR crocodile. 27
  21. In Google what must you use in place of AND NOT? 28
  22. What's another way to do a search for ponies AND NOT horses? (hint: mathematical symbol) 28
  23. How do you force the order of operation in a search? Examples: "most dangerous reptile in Florida" 30
  24. Give three examples of filters in Google? 32
  25. Identify what these domain endings mean? edu gov org 33
  26. If a site uses a domain name ending in .uk, what country does the website come from? 33
  27. How do most search engines make applying Boolean search operators easier? 35
  28. What is a weakness of metasearch engines? 36
  29. The metasearch engines F_____ and V_____ search government sites. 37
  30. A su_____ guide groups information by topic. 45
  31. Why might many researchers prefer subject guides over search engines? (hint: compiled by exp____) 46
  32. What does stand for? 47
  33. In subject guides, clicking on bold topics lead to s_____. 48
  34. The subject guide BUBL.LINK indexes its websites by the D___ D____ S____. 52
  35. A site map page gives links to all the parts of a webs____. 54
  36. If you wanted to restrict your research to medicine, you might be better off using a sp_____ search engine restricted only to law sites. 56
  37. In evaluating a site, it's important to note the au____, his or her cre_____, and the date the site was last up____. 58
  38. Generally, the domain endings of sites that are more objective and support their ideas with facts have .g___ and .___ as ending domain names. 59
  39. Especially in an education site, you may get to an author's personal website by clicking on vi___ which is similar to a resumé. 60
  40. The largest part of the Internet called the d___ w___ or the in_____ w___ cannot be reached by most se____ eng____. 70
  41. Your membership in a library (including our college or town library) will provide you access to many specialty sites as full-text magazines and newspapers. 70
  42. The In___ w___ is 500 times larger than the web that can be accessed by regular search engines. 71
  43. What information can Yahoo! People Search help you find? 72
  44. What are two sites that will provide you with maps and driving directions? 73
  45. is a site that will help you find phonebook-type information on a business, plus even a map showing its location. 74
  46. Newspaper databases often only give access to rec____ articles while charging a f___ for older articles. 76
  47. The best periodical databases such as Pro____ and Inf____ are available to you if you are registered at a college or had a pub___ lib___ card. 77
  48. FirstGov is a good site for getting to gov_____ documents. 78
  49. Online references sources include al_____, dic____, enc____. 80
  50. If you subscribe to a ma_____ l___, you can email your messages automatically to all the other subscribers. 82
  51. Pro____ is an Intelligent agent that makes searching the visible and invisible web easier. 84

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Part III. Microsoft Word 2003 Illustrated Series Brief ISBN 0-619-18800-6

  1. To start Word, you begin by selecting Start/All P____. A-4
  2. In the Word Window, where is the Print Layout View button located? A-5
  3. What view should you select if you are only interested in quickly typing, editing and formatting text? A-5 (Note, too, that in this View, you can see more text than in Print Layout View.)
  4. You should look at the sta___ bar at the bottom of the Word document window to see what page you are working on. A-6
  5. Why would you want to use a scroll bar? A-6
  6. What does the word-wrap feature do? A-8
  7. A wa___ re__ line signals that you may have a spelling error. A-10
  8. Why should you often save a document while you are working on it? A-10
  9. What is the extension assigned to all word documents? A-10
  10. What does the Print Preview button look like? Why use it? A-12
  11. How has Word provided assistance for you whenever you have a question about how to use a feature in Word? A-14
  12. Sketch the toolbar button to start a new blank document? A-17
  13. How is the X close button at the top of the Word window different from the X button at the top of the document window? a-17
  14. When should you use SAVE AS instead of SAVE? B-2
  15. How and why do you select any amount of text? B-4, B-5
  16. When would you use the OverType mode? B-5
  17. If you wanted to move text from one spot in a document to another, you would use c__ and pa____. B-6
  18. How can you determine the keyboard shortcuts? B-7
  19. What is the keyboard shortcut for saving a document? B-7
  20. How does copying and pasting differ from cutting and pasting? B-8
  21. If you accidentally deleted a word, how can you use the menu bar to correct this error? B-8, B-15
  22. The Office cli_____ allows you to copy several selected sentences and then best each sentence in a different position in the document. B-10
  23. How does the AutoCorrect feature helps cut down on your spelling errors? B-12
  24. The F___ and Rep____ command allows you to substitute a new word to take the place of another word. You could use this command if you wanted to replace several instances of book with the word bookstore. B-12
  25. Both Wiz____ and Tem____ allow you to quickly create memos, faxes, letters, reports, brochures and other kinds of documents. B-18
  26. You change the fo___ and font si___ of text by selecting the text and using the for____ toolbar. C-2
  27. After you first sel______text, Toolbar buttons can format text in bo___ and ita___. C-4
  28. To capitalize all the letters in a word, use the Ch___ Ca___ command found in the Format menu. C-5
  29. How can you change line spacing? C-6
  30. What are four ways to align text? Le__ Align. Ri____ Align. Ce___. Ju___. C-9
  31. What does the right tab icon look like? C-10
  32. The ri___ ind____ toolbar button indents an entire paragraph -- not just the first line -- to the right. C-12
  33. You can format lists with bu___ and nu___. C-14
  34. You can put a bor___ around a paragraph and add shading to the paragraph. C-16
  35. Word's default margins are ___ inch at the bottom and top and ___ inch at the left and right. D-2
  36. Por____ and Lan____ are two page orientations you can select for your Word documents. The page you are now reading is ________ orientation. D-3
  37. An advantage of dividing a document into sections is that you can apply to each section different page la___ settings. D-4
  38. If you wanted to begin a new page after you had only type on half a page, you could insert a page ____. D-6
  39. Page numbers can be put at the bottom of pages by selecting from the menu ____rt/Page numbers. D-8
  40. A fo_____ is text that appears at the bottom of every page of a document while a he____ is that appears at the top of each page. D-10
  41. If you typed a page and then decided that you wanted your text to appear in two equal columns, you could select the text and then click on the Co____ button on the toolbar. D-14
  42. You can insert a table and choose the number of co___ and ro__ you want in the table. D-16
  43. Word provides formatted, decorated text called Wo___. D-18
  44. Word provides pictures that you can insert into your documents by using the Cl__ A__ collection accessed by clicking on Insert/Pictures. D-16

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Part IV. Microsoft Excel 2003 Illustrated Series Brief ISBN 0-619-18803-0

  1. Excel is an electronic sp____ program that performs numeric calculations rapidly and accurately. A-2
  2. You can begin using Excel by selecting St__/All Pr___. A-4
  3. Column are labeled with le___ and rows with nu____. A-7
  4. The little boxes in a spreadsheet where data is entered are called c___. A-6
  5. A1 is an example of a ce____ ad___. A-6
  6. What is the three letter extension of Excel documents? A-8
  7. Category names like Qtr1, Qtr2 are called la____ while money and other number entries are called va___. A-10
  8. To get to the first first cell in a spreadsheet, press [Ctrl][____]. A-11
  9. You can use ar____ keys to move from one cell to another. A-11
  10. Each Excel Workbook is made up of wo______. A-12
  11. If you wanted to see what a spreadsheet will like when it is printed, you should pre___ it. A-14
  12. You can start editing a cell by do___ cl___ on it. B-4
  13. For____ in Excel usually start with the _____ sign. B-6
  14. In a formula, an _____ indicates multiplication. B-7
  15. In the formula =B8*(C8+C10)+E4, following the order of precedence, Excel would first calculate the operation in pa____. B-9
  16. Sketch the AutoSum button that would allow you to add up quickly the values in a column. B-10
  17. What does the Insert Function button look like?. B-12
  18. What do the copy and paste toolbar buttons look like? B-15
  19. $B$12 is an example of an ab_____ cell reference. B-16
  20. G5:G7 is an example of a c____ ran___. B-18
  21. In Figure B-22 on page B-24, the total of B4:B7 is _____. B-21
  22. Again in Figure B-22 on page B-21, the number ____ is identified by the absolute cell reference $H$1. B-21
  23. If you wanted your dates to appear in the 3/14/2001 format, you would access the Format Cells Dia____ box from Format/Cell on the menu. C-2 & C-3.
  24. The default font and font size used by Excel is 10 point Ar____ . C-4
  25. Au_____ gives you predefined worksheet formats to make formatting easier. C-7
  26. You can adjust the column width by positioning the pointer between columns turning the pointer into a cr____. C-8
  27. A new row can be inserted by right c_____ on a row number and then selecting Ins___. C-10
  28. How do you insert a Comment into a cell? C-11
  29. To spellcheck a multiple-sheet workbook, you must check each wo_____ individually. C-16
  30. Sketch the chart insert button. D-4
  31. To create a chart, first select the ra____ having the data to include in the chart. D-4
  32. By placing your pointer within a chart and turning the pointer into a arrow-like cro____, you can drag the chart to a new position. D-6
  33. If you change data in a worksheet, the chart based on the data will be automatically upd____. D-9
  34. In figure D-14 on page D-13, the title of the X axis is Mo______. D-13
  35. You exp____ a pie chart by pulling one of the slices away from the rest of the chart. D-15
  36. A chart can be printed as part of a spreadsheet or the chart can be printed sep_____ D-16.

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Part V. Study guide to test your comprehension of Mr. Gordon's instruction in class -- instruction that may not be covered in our textbooks

(last updated March 23, 2009 )

You might find an online dictionary of computer terms very helpful in answering these questions: Webpopedia
  1. What is the name of the computer's main circuit board? ..
  2. What is an example of an operating system studied in class?..
  3. What is the Windows desktop?..
  4. What type of computer memory is used for tasks just while the computer is turned on?..
  5. What is a shortcut link?..
  6. How are default settings different from customized settings? ..
  7. How and why do your write protect a diskette?
  8. What is the difference between copy/paste and cut/paste?..
  9. How do you bring up a context menu?..
  10. What are folders used for on your harddrive? ..
  11. When would you use My Computer program?..
  12. When does your mouse pointer turn into a hand?..
  13. If you already had a Word file saved as complaint.doc, how could you re-save this same document under a different name without losing the original document under its original name?.. (Hint: Use the S_A command)
  14. How do files get into the Recycle bin?..
  15. What Microsoft program is a browser?.. (250)
  16. Give four examples of domain names?..
  17. What is a search query? (Hint: k__, p__, b__op__) (270)...
  18. Give an example of a metasearch engine? Hint: do___... (280)
  19. What is your browser’s home page?
  20. In Word, if you click on Tools, and then language, what choice can you select to look up a synonym for an awkward or repetitive word? Before using this "language" tool in Word, you must be sure you have selected the _____ you want to look up...
  21. How can you preview a document in Word?...(210)
  22. How do you designate a Web page as your home page?
  23. When would you use a manual page break in Word?..
  24. How does Word help you spot spelling mistakes as you type?..
  25. How can you only print part of a Web page?..
  26. If a textbook tells you to save a document by clicking on File/Save, what does the slash mean?
  27. Give examples of formatting text?..
  28. What letter usually identifies the diskette drive? the harddrive?..
  29. When would you use these Boolean operators? AND, OR, AND NOT (400)
  30. When you are getting too many irrelevant results or hits in doing a search, which of the above Boolean operators should you use?...(380)
  31. If a search is bringing up too few results, you should try using what Boolean operator to broaden the search?...(390)
  32. What Boolean operator should you use if you want to find articles that discuss the relationship of termites to dampness? .. (410)
  33. If you want to find the right citation to use for an article referenced in your research paper, what two citation guides might you use? ... (420)
  34. What is netiquette?... (450)
  35. In your research papers, when you are using online sources, you are obligated to cite a webpage, an image, and an audio file. True or false?...(430)
  36. Because anyone can publish information on the internet, you must evaluate any information you are considering using in your research papers by considering the authority (reliability), and the objectivity and accuracy of the site. But what about the quality of the advertisements?... (440)
  37. What can you change using the print dialogue box in Word?....
  38. After you have already named a file, when would you use the Save As instead of the Save command?..
  39. What programs are included in Microsoft Office?..
  40. What can you send as email attachments? Hint: t__f__, im__. How can you protect yourself from viruses that come with email attachments?... (370)
  41. Why is it important to find out what version of a program you are using? How can you find out the version?
  42. What would happen to a Word document that you had worked on for a half hour if you closed it before saving it? Before you closed it, what computer-memory allowed it to remain on your screen?
  43. If you want to make a copy of a paragraph and move it from one section of a document to another – or to entirely different document, without removing it from the original source, how would you go about doing this?
  44. What do you call a world wide network of more than 40 million computers around the world sharing a common communication standard?....
  45. How could you quickly find a  word  in a Web page or in a Word document? Say, for example, you want to move quickly to the word rose in an article about many different kinds of flowers?
  46. What’s a hyperlink and how do you know how to identify it?
  47. When do you right click?
  48. What does the toolbar button look like for previewing a page before printing it?..
  49.  How should you organize your files on your hard drive or on a diskette if you have many, many files? 
  50. When do you use the My Computer program?
  51. What goes into the Recycle bin?
  52. In Word, how can you spot a word that the program thinks is misspelled?
  53. What are the two most popular browsers?
  54. How can you print only part of a Web page?
  55. What is usually the domain of a charitable site?..
  56. Give an example of a Web site address?  for Google? for Yahoo?
  57. How do you make a Web page your Home page?..
  58. True or false? Subject guides are usually compiled by spiders rather than experts... (290)
  59. What would be wrong with each of the following addresses?,, ..
  60. What do you call programs that allow you to view Web pages?..
  61. How should you indicate that you are doing a search for a phrase such as Civil War?..
  62. If you were doing a search for weave, weaving, weaver, how could you use *? ..
  63. How might a pull down menu in the Advanced Search section of a search engine indicate the Boolean OR?
  64. Give an example of a search site that is a subject guide – it breaks your search down into categories.
  65. What is the most popular search engine?
  66. In searching for information on the web, what kind of helpful guides will group information by topic and arrange results alphabetically and hierarchically? Experts rather than spider programs usually make up these guides... (290)
  67. When doing research on a Web page, why is it important to view the domain page? For example, if a Web page address is and you are viewing the medications page, why should you check out the page?
  68. A business or educational institution should have rules and regulations spelling out in detail how company or school computers are to be used. Such rules and regulations are called an Acc______ U___ P____. ... (500)
  69. How could you use Google to search for a word on a single Web site?
  70. When would you use Specialized Search Tools?...(320)
  71. What are the archives of a periodical database?... (330)
  72. How do you access search restrictors in Google? What are examples of search restrictors? ...(340)
  73. How do you indicate you are searching for a phrase, e.g. Babe Ruth's Home Run Record... (350)
  74. What kind of information can you expect to find in Newsgroups, also called Usenet? How do you access newsgroups with Google...(360)
  75. To reserve a book through LINCC, what must you know about your ID and Pin #?
  76. If you are searching on SPC Library-on-line, what name will you use and what will your password be? How often does the password change? How do you find out what the current password is?..
  77. What is the advantage of doing searches through SPC’s On-line library rather than just using search engines like Google, Yahoo?
  78. Give an example of a filter or limiter in a search?..
  79. What limiter or filter would you use if you only want to find Web sites sponsored by a college or university?..
  80. What domain is usually used for sites selling a product or service?..
  81. True or False. A drop down menu used for the Boolean operator OR might be Either of the words?..
  82. What are Google and Yahoo examples of?..
  83. What is the difference between a general search engine and a specialized search engine?... (300)
  84. What is the "deep or invisible" web? Can it by accessed by traditional, ordinary search engines? ... (310)
  85. What is the most popular search engine?..
  86. Give examples of domain categories? Tell what each designates?
  87. When do you put quotation marks around words being used in a search?
  88. What is a phrase search? Why do it?..
  89. Why use the MLA citation guide?..
  90. Make a diagram for the boolean search representing the use of AND as in hurricane AND tornado?..
  91. Make another diagram illustrating the boolean search for hurricane OR tornado?..
  92. Make a diagram illustrating the boolean search for hurricane NOT Florida? ..
  93. If you were looking for only those Web pages that mention both tigers and ants, using Boolean operators, what would be your search term?..
  94. What is the research tool that contains the full text of magazine and newspaper articles?..
  95. In a research paper, what must you do for any any Web page, image, or audio file you make use of in your work?....
  96. If you were looking for a video tape in the Tarpon campus library, what delimiters would you use?....
  97. What must you be sure to include in your bibliography whenever you cite a Web page in your report?..
  98. Using two intersecting circles, illustrate a search for (a) Italian AND spaghetti; (b) spaghetti NOT Italian; (C) spaghetti OR Italian
  99. What kind of a search tool do you use if you want to search the complete text of magazine or newspaper articles? hint: per___   da____
  100. If you use a Web site as a source for a college report, what information about the site must you include in your bibliography?
  101. How are newsgroup postings different from Web sites?....
  102. How can you show poor netiquette in a newsgroup?....
  103. How would you set up a Boolean search for Web pages that mention both paws and claws? Using a Venn diagram, illustrate such a search?
  104. Why should you use the BCC field when sending out email messages to several people at once?...(490)
  105. Give examples of formatting text.
  106. If you purchase a program and then make a copy of it to give to a friend, what are you guilty of? ... (460)
  107. What must you be careful of when quoting copyright material in your own research papers?...(470)
  108. How can you make up secure (difficult to break) passwords?...(480)
  109. How do you find out what version you have of a Windows program?..
  110. When would you use the Edit/Find command in Word?..
  111. What three things can you do with the Print Dialog box? Hint: To change the c__p__, number of c__, selection of pages to p__...
  112. What are you doing when you make do the following to text or numbers: boldface, italicize, align, currency with commas ($1,344), and determine how labels and values appear in a spreadsheet? Hint: Fo____)..
  113. How can you use the "fill right" method to copy a formula in Excel? ..
  114. In Excel, what are three ways to resize a column's width? (Hint: position the pointer between column headings and the cl__ and dr__; choose Format/Col___; auto__ ... (200)
  115. When should you use the Advanced Search option?..
  116. What programs do Microsoft Office Standard and Professional include?
  117. When would you use the Save As command? How is it different from just the Save command?
  118. Why are Excel files called Books or Workbooks?..
  119. In Excel, what does the toolbar button look like that activates chart-creation?....
  120. How do you preview your work before printing it?
  121. How and why do you use Excel's AutoFit feature?..
  122. In Excel, what are ways you can format labels and values?....
  123. In an Excel chart, what does the legend identify?... 230
  124. How do Excel formulas usually begin?..
  125. What goes into cells? (not the kind in jails)..
  126. What does the feature AutoFit do in Excel? How do you activate this feature?
  127. In Excel, what are these examples of?  C2            A3            D4            F12 ..
  128. Give an example of a cell range?
  129. What is this an example of? B4:G4..
  130. In a search, when would you use the symbol *? (examples – cheat, cheating, cheater;  actor, acting, act, actress)

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