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Part A -- Windows File Management

  1. Using My Computer, on your diskette, make a folder having your name.
  2. Then in yourname folder, make these three subfolders: instructor, complit and infolit (short for Information Literacy).
  3. Still using My Computer, display the instructor, complit and infolit folders as shown in the following graphic:

    My  Computer screen shot
  4. Click on your Print Screen key to send the screen image of the My Computer window to your clipboard.
  5. Now switch to Word.
  6. On the first line of your Word window, type your name and Project Part A.
  7. Hit the Enter key twice.
  8. Now using Edit/Paste insert the My Computer screen image into your Word document.
  9. Save your Word document as project part A in the subfolder complit on your diskette.
  10. Print Preview your work.
  11. Print your file project part A and insert it in your classwork folder.

Part B -- Word Essay

  1. Using Word, type these two paragraphs without at first correcting the misspelled words.
  2. Save your work in the complit folder on your diskette with the name bookreport_Project_Part_B
  3. Center the title and your name without using the tab or the space key.
  4. Change the default left and right margins to 2 inches each.
  5. Make your font Arial, 14 pts.
  6. Boldface every person's name.
  7. Italicized every book title.
  8. Color the text blue.
  9. Use the spell check to correct the spelling errors.
  10. Be sure to put an extra line space between the two paragraphs.
  11. After your final save, print out your work and put it in your classwork folder.

Learning to Follow Directions
by your name

William Johnson read the two novels Animal Farm and Brave New World for his English class assignment. He enjoyed both books although it never occured to him that he had to do writen book reports on both books. He thought that he just had to give a five minut talk in front of his class.

His English teacher Mrs. Martha Higgins was very disapointed when he only give the book talk, but did not hand in a writen report. William was even more desturbed when he learned that he had gotten a D for his work. Next time he will be shure to listen more carefuly to directions.

Part C -- Excel

  1. Create the following spreadsheet using Excel.
  2. Save on your diskette in the CompLit folder your work as carsales
  3. Boldface each column label.
  4. Make each column label a larger font size than the information under each column label.
  5. Use a formula to add up the total sales for each month.
  6. Use autoformat to make your table look attractive.
  7. Do a final save, print your work and insert it into your classwork folder.
Sales Person
Insert formula
Insert formula
Insert formula
Insert formula
Insert formula

Part D -- Doing Internet Research

  1. Open up Word.
  2. Start a new Word document typing in your name at the top left hand corner.
  3. Under your name type Part D Project -- Internet Research
  4. Name your document research and saving it on your diskette in the InfoLit folder.
  5. Pick five topics from those listed below.
  6. Use SPC Library Online site.
  7. Find a Website that gives you information for each topic.
  8. Give the Website address of each site.
  9. Do a final save, print your work, and insert it into the classwork folder.
Website address

Topic 1

Topic 2  
Topic 3  
Topic 4  
Topic 5  

Possible topics

(1) New York City draft riots of 1863; (2) Iraq; (3) UFOs; (4) North Korea; (5) capital punishment in Florida; (6) dental care in the 1800s; (7) poisonous frogs; (8) treatments for depression (or sunburn or poison ivy -- or any disease or illness); (9) Pearl Harbor; (10) Tampa hurricane of 1848; (11) 1927 flood in Mississippi; (12) different kinds of meditation; (13) new treatments for obesity; (14) dangerous sharks; (15) extraterrestrial life; (16) Ybor City; (17) the war-time heroism of the movie actor Audie Murphy; (18) termite damage in Florida; (19) shark attacks in Florida in the last five years; (20) the effectiveness of hypnosis in helping smokers to quit -- or the use of hypnosis in helping to break any habit or addiction; (21) Israeli and Palestinian conflict; (22) treatment for diabetes; (23) prozac or any other medication; (24) Florida alligators; (25) finding a good job; (26) pit bull dogs; (27) animal experimentation; (28) censorship; (29) gambling; (30) pollution; (31) terrorism; (32) gun control; (33) feminism; (34) cloning; (35) Genghis Khan; (36) Virginia Woolf [English author]; (37) Computer Security

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