Computer Components, Terms, and other Basics

Instructor: Richard Gordon

Last updated: 03/23/2009
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  1. Computer Basics tutorials selected by the Queens Borough Public Library
  2. Tutorial on computer basics from Cyber Seniors
  3. Information Technology Foundation Course from ORT.
  4. Basics of Word Processing. Very helpful in learning how to use WordPad or Word -- any word processor.
  5. California State University's Word 2002 Guide for Beginners
  6. Identifying computer components
  7. Dictionary of computer and internet terms
  8. Motherboard (main circuit board): First | Second | Third
  9. Modem graphic -- internal
  10. To see external modem
  11. Uninterruptible Power Source. First | Second
  12. Tutorial on how to use the mouse
  13. Computer training tutorials from the Central Kansas Library System (Several links in this site do not work, but there is still valuable information from the links that do work.)
  14. Definitions of these computer terms:
    Windows XP
  15. Picture showing how to correctly insert a diskette
  16. Cleaning the mouse
  17. Lincoln City Libraries provide links to computer and internet tutorials

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